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BuggyTug Wrist Strap

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PRODUCT: BuggyTug Wrist Strap (

DESCRIPTION: A neoprene safety wrist strap to attach to a pram or pushchair to prevent it rolling away. Available in black.

GOOD POINTS: The BuggyTug is a simple and ingenious little child safety product that gives parents and carers great piece of mind when you're out-and-about with baby.

The BuggyTug is essentially a strong black neoprene strap (with 'BuggyTug' tag) which attaches at one end around your wrist, and at the other to a pram or pushchair handle bar (either single or double). This is important for ensuring you are never separated from your child, as it stops the pushchair from rolling (or being pushed) away from you should you need to take your hands off the handle. This makes it particularly ideal for use in hilly areas, at road crossings, and in windy or icy weather conditions.

The BuggyTug is very convenient to pop into a bag or pocket for easy access when required, and it is incredibly easy to use, although user instructions are also usefully included on the back of the packaging - the end with the metal ring is simply draped over the handle bar, whilst the wrist 'loop' is feed through the ring to create a secure fastening around the handle, and then slipped over your hand ready for use!

The neoprene is soft and comfortable to wear around the skin, and its flexible nature enables the loop to be fitted easily over your hand, at the same time providing a snug and safe fit around the wrist that will not slip off. The finish is of a good standard (although we cannot comment on the long term quality of the product), and the length of the strap is ideal for ensuring it won't get tangled up or caught on anything when being worn.

In our opinion, this is a very reasonably priced and comfortable stroller wrist strap, which is a great device for ensuring the safety of your child at all times on a day out.

BAD POINTS: There is obviously still some restriction on arm movement when using the BuggyTug.

PRICE: £3.99


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