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Hasbro Gator Golf

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PRODUCT: Hasbro Gator Golf ( Gator Golf

DESCRIPTION: A golfing game for children aged 3 years upwards, which includes a plastic gator shaped golf catcher, 2 x golf putters, 2 x balls and instructions.

GOOD POINTS: This is an innovative little game set which is great fun indoors or out. The game includes a cute ball-gulping aligator, whose mouth is clicked apart to form the opening for your child to putt their golf ball into. If your child is successful in aiming the ball into the gator's mouth (or 'sinking' their putt, as it is referred to), it falls onto a lever in the gator's tail which cleverly flicks the balls back out onto the floor for play to continue.

Two putting clubs are provided to enable your child to have fun playing against friends and family (as well as on their own), along with two light plastic golf balls which can be picked up and putted with ease. In addition, each of the putters has a sliding score system on the side so that your child can keep track of their points each time they successfully putt the ball into the gator. The first player to reach 4 points is the winner!

The game is very easy to set up using the fun and well-written instructions, and on playing for the first time, simply requires the gator's tail to be snapped into the gator's body, and the putters to be assembled. Once your child has finished playing, the putters can then simply be stood up in designated slots on each side of the gator's head for easy storage.

This is a great game for encouraging coordination, motor skills, confidence and interaction.

BAD POINTS: The golf putters are difficult to dismantle once they have been assembled.

PRICE: Approx. £18

Available from Amazonalt, Boots, Toys R Us and Argosalt 

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