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Mookie Toys New All Surface Pro Swingball

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PRODUCT: Mookie Toys New All Surface Pro Swingball ( Pro Swingball

DESCRIPTION: A new version of the original 2-player Swingball game, with improved spiral head, self storage base, built-in scoring, pop-up windicator and adjustable steel tube height up to 170cm. Includes 1 x all surface base, 2 x Checkerbats, 1 x Swingball spiral TURBO HEAD and TURBO SLEEVE, 1 x quality tennis ball and tether with adjuster, 1 x bat clip, 1 x R-clip, 3 x metal poles. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The All Surface Pro Swingball from Mookie Toys is the latest new and improved version of the original classic high-energy Swingball game, and will certainly not disappoint on features!

On purchase, the game comes in a nifty sturdy black carry case which doubles up as the Swingball base, complete with handle for easy transportation and convenient storage when not in use. The lid of the base can be removed via four clip fastenings around the outside, and the lid has been amended from previous editions to prevent Mookie Pro Swingballleakages and increase base capacity for added stability.

The main Swingball tube is comprised of three strong durable steel poles, which secure to each other via connectors and slot into a hole in the centre of the lid (ensuring scoring markers are threaded through also). An additional R-clip is included which fixes to the bottom pole to provide additional resistance during play. The main Swingball TURBO HEAD slots onto the top pole, and the ball tether loops over the TURBO SLEEVE, ready for use!

To set up the game, the base needs to be filled with sand, water, stones or even bricks dependent on the amount of stability needed. This makes the game suitable for use on just about any indoor or outdoor surface, including grass, concrete, decking, sand or even vinyl flooring. The base lid contains a new game scoring facility, whereby each player can keep track of the number of games they have won via a slide marker system from 0 to 5, and the number stickers for this (white and green toMookie Pro Swingball differentiate between opponents) need to be affixed to the base prior to initial use.

The game is very simple to play and is just as fun for grown-ups as for kids! With the tether in the middle of the Swingball spiral, each player takes turns to hit the ball (and it's a real tennis ball too!) using very chunky and sturdy unique Checkerbats with easy-grip handles. One player hits the ball clockwise, while their opponent hits it anticlockwise. As the ball circles round the pole, the tether is moved up and down the spiral accordingly. The winner is the first player to reach the top or the bottom of the spiral. The great bonus of this game is that it is also ideal for solo play, where individuals can simply practise their forehand and back hand shots.

The game has some wonderful added features, such as the bat holder which slides onto the middle pole and can be used to hold the bats in between games. The height of the game can easily be adjusted for younger/shorter players, by simply removing one of the poles and winding the cord around the adjuster until the ball and tether are the correct length. In addition, several lengths of tape are provided which can Mookie Pro Swingballbe wrapped around the tapered end of the poles prior to assembling in order to increase their rigidity. The Swingball head has an increased number of spirals to allow play to last for longer each game, and a pop-up 'windicator' on the very top of the TURBO HEAD literally pops up to indicate when a player has won!

In our opinion, this really is a fantastically active, addictive and competitive game for young and old individuals alike to play with family, friends or simply on their own! The features of this version are much improved and make for a faster and longer game that can be played almost anywhere...a definite garden must-have this summer!

BAD POINTS: The game requires a fair amount of space to play, although its portability means it can be easily transported to larger areas.

PRICE: Approx. £39.99


Available from Amazon: New All Surface Pro Swingball


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