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Tactic Mölkky Outdoor Game

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PRODUCT:  Tactic Mölkky Outdoor Game ( Molkky

DESCRIPTION:  An outdoor skittles game from Finland, where players knock down wooden numbered skittles with the Mölkky throwing pin in order to be the first player to reach 50 points. Comes in a portable wooden storage case, and includes 12 x skittles (numbered 1 to 12), 1 x throwing stick, 1 x scorecard pad, and instructions. Game play is approximately 20 minutes. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS:  Mölkky is a great eco-friendly skittles / bowling game from Finland that is the perfect outdoor activity for the whole family, both young and old. It is great for any garden or back yard, and can be played by as few as two players or as many as you want.

Molkky setupThe game consists of twelve skittles, handcrafted from solid natural pine, which are equally sized and numbered from 1 through to 12. The skittles are positioned initially in a tight group of rows (as shown), and players take it in turns to throw the Mölkky throwing pin (underarm) at the skittles, with the aim of knocking down the highest numbers and being the first player to reach a score of 50.

What sets this game apart from other such games is that after each throw the skittles are uprighted where they fall - in other words, the skittles become more dispersed and the game becomes more tactical. In addition, if a player knocks down more than one skittle with their throw, they are awarded a score equal to the number of fallen skittles rather than the sum of the numbers on the skittles. Furthermore, the winning score must be exactly 50, otherwise the player is penalised and their score lowered back down to 25 points!

A ring-bound scoring pad is included for keeping track of players' points throughout the game, and the skittles pack away after use into their own solid wood storage case with thick rope handles for easy transportation.

In our opinion, this is a superb all-weather garden game that will easily endure the rigours of child play. It has an educational element for school-aged children who are getting to grips with maths, and the rules of the game can be adjusted to cater for different levels of strategy and skills dependent on the player's age.

BAD POINTS:  The game is quite expensive, and fairly heavy to carry, but is great quality for the money.

PRICE:  £39.99


Available from Amazon: Molkky Outdoor Game


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