STABILO Cappi Fibre Tip Felt Colouring Pens

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PRODUCT: STABILO Cappi Fibre Tip Felt Colouring Pens ( Cappi

DESCRIPTION: A range of fibre tip (1mm) colouring pens containing washable ink and available in a variety of colours. Features include threadable pen caps, tube-shaped barrel design and ergonomic grip zone, ventilated cap, and long cap-off time. Available in packs of 12 pens. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: You may think that a colouring pen is, well...just a colouring pen, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the range of Cappi pens from STABILO - a fun set of colouring pens with some great child-friendly features.

The set contains a good number of brightly coloured pens to appeal to boys and girls, each with a clever and unique triangular-shaped barrel with a flattened tail, which not only prevents the pens from rolling off a desk or worktop, but also enables quick and easy pick-up by young children. The pens also offer a specially designed ergonomic grip zone, small indented pot-holed areas around the top of the barrel which make for a comfortable and effective holding position by small hands.

Each pen has a secure fitting ventilated cap which protects the tip of the pen when not in use. In addition, each cap has an integrated loop on the top which enables it to be threaded onto a special cap ring (or similar!), perfect for keeping all the pens together (with all the lids on!), as well as offering a handy means of transport.

The pens have a nice sized fibre tip which provides a fairly thinnish line width of approximately 1mm, great for outlining or adding detail and splashes of colour to pictures. The ink is washable which enables clothes and surfaces to be easily cleaned following any over-enthusiastic colouring by your little one! In addition, the pens won't dry out easily if they are accidentally left uncapped (apparently up to 24 hours).

In our opinion, the STABILO Cappi pens are a cleverly designed set of pens which are easy to hold, fun to use, and practical to store and carry.

BAD POINTS: Not ideal for using to colour large areas due to the smallish tip.

PRICE: £6.50 for pack of 12 pens.


Available from Amazon: Stabiloalt


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