STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens

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PRODUCT: STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens ( )Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

DESCRIPTION: A range of fine point (0.4mm) pens for all ages, containing water-based odourless ink in 25 colours, suitable for use with rulers and stencils. Features include hexagonal striped design, ventilated cap, metal encased tips, and long cap-off time. Available individually or in packs.

GOOD POINTS: The Point 88 Fineliners are another great product from the STABILO range, and are a versatile range of pens for children and adults alike, for use at school, home and in the office.

As their name implies, the pens have a very fine tip which produces a line width of just 0.4mm. This fine point enables children to use them with rulers and stencils, but also makes them ideal for sketching and doodling, scribbling, adding detail to art work, or simply just jotting down notes or practising writing!

The pens come in a really varied range of bright and more subtle ink colours to suit all requirements, and the ink is water-based and fast drying which reduces mess and smudging.

These Fineliner pens have a very recognisable hexagonal-shaped orange barrel with white striped detailing, and the tip itself has a metal casing which maximises durability and usage, and reduced breakage of the pen.

A secure ventilated cap (which is coordinated with the ink colour) protects the point when not in use and prevents the ink from drying out - although handily, the pens have a fairly long cap-off time if the lid is accidentally left off by your little one.

The STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens are, in our opinion, a really versatile and efficient set of pens which are perfect for a multitude of projects and an ideal addition to your child's pencil case!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £1.19 each


Available from Amazon: Stabiloalt


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