Vivid Imaginations Crayola 3 in 1 Picture Magic

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PRODUCT: Vivid Imaginations Crayola 3 in 1 Picture Magic ( Picture Magic

DESCRIPTION: A 3-in-1 creative drawing machine to make spirals, trace stencils and create patterns. Contains 1 x drawing machine, 10 x sheets of paper, 1 x writing pen, 6 x coloured pencils, 1 x spiral frame, 7 x spiral gears, 6 x magic animal stencils and 1 x dial-a-pattern template. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This Crayola Picture Magic is a fantastic drawing set that is perfect for young children to experiment with their creative side, and contains not one but three different drawing activities.

The set consists of a coloured plastic 'drawing machine' with cog and gear frame which is used for all three creative activities. This frame flips up to enable a piece of paper to be inserted onto the base underneath, onto which the pictures are drawn - the set comes with ten sheets of paper to start you off.

Crayola Picture Magic The first activity involves stencil tracing, and the set includes a number of 'magic' cardboard stencils, each of which attaches to (or rather 'sits in') the middle of the frame. Each stencil must be moved round the frame using the adjustment knob, so that it can be traced section by section (colour coded) to reveal a mystery animal picture that your child will have great fun trying to guess along the way (and then colouring in afterwards).

The second activity involves using the spiral art maker to create some amazing spiral patterns (similar to the classic spirograph) which they can then colour in. The set includes an orange plastic insert which fits into the frame, and several different sized blue spiral 'gears' (i.e. wheels with pencil hole inserts). Both the gears and the orange insert have cut teeth (or cogs) round the outside, enabling the two to mesh together. This allows your child to move the gears round and round the template with their pencil, drawing swirly spiral patterns as they go.

The last activity enables your child to use the special dial-a-pattern template to create their own wonderfully unique patterns to colour. This consists of a clear plastic template with lots of cut-out shapes, which again is placed in the centre of the drawing machine frame, and which your child can draw around and then rotate as they wish (using the adjustment knob) to produce some original designs.

The wonderful added feature of the drawing machine is that the main frame has equidistant numbers marked around the outside, which enables your child to draw repeat patterns with precision, i.e. they can draw their chosen shapes leaving exactly the same amount of space or overlap between each.

In our opinion, the Crayola 3 in 1 Picture Magic set is a really well designed and multifunctional product, which offers any little boy or girl a great variety of drawing activities to enable them to practice, explore and improve their creative skills.

BAD POINTS: There are only ten sheets of paper included, after which you will need to cut your own to size.

PRICE: Approx. £14.99


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