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Article: Spend Quality Time Stargazing at the Night Sky With Your Kids

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As the days grow longer and warmer, spending time in the great outdoors represents a fantastic opportunity to bond with your youngsters.Crafts4Kids - Stargazing image

And while the sunny afternoons may be the typical point at which we'd head outside with a picnic basket and a football, a brilliant alternative can be to wait until night time when the sky is completely transformed.

That's because there's so much that we can teach our kids about the universe with a spot of stargazing, with everything from constellations and planets to the moon for our children to marvel at.

This can help our little ones gain an understanding of the solar system as they explore the sky, and will also give them the chance to appreciate how Earth's place in the solar system affects night and day.

Not only will spending time on such an activity give our kids a boost in their science lessons, but it's also a brilliant way to bond with our children and introduce them to a hobby that may stay with them for life.

What's more, we don't have to be experts ourselves to give our youngsters a few pointers, as there's plenty to see through a basic telescope that people of all ages will enjoy.

Here we'll take a closer look at the benefits of exploring the solar system at night, and also offer a few science-related alternatives for when the weather unexpectedly spoils your plans.

The planets:

Giving our kids the chance to get a closer look at other planets in the universe is a brilliant means of sparking their interest in the night sky, and there's plenty to look at too.

Jupiter is easily the most visible of Earth's neighbours in the Milky Way, and even with a small telescope you'll be able to spot some of the cloud bands and moons that surround the Red Giant.

Mars can also be spotted without too much difficulty, and once our kids have seen these with their own eyes then their instinctive intrigue and desire to find out more is almost certain to kick in.

Quality time:

In addition to the benefits of our youngsters building up a strong knowledge of the universe, there's also the fact that stargazing is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time bonding with our kids.

Considering we're just as likely to learn a few things from studying the night sky as our children are, exploring stars and solar systems together is a great way to develop a shared interest - as well as express ideas about what could be beyond the fringes of the solar system.

The science aspect:

If a night spent staring into outer space is enough to pique our children's imaginations, then there are plenty of other scientific activities that we can introduce them to and take part in together.

Indeed, if the weather spoils our plans to get outside, Craft4Kids has a brilliant range of kids' science kits that represent just as beneficial a way for youngsters to spend their time and improve their knowledge of the universe.


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