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Article: Transitioning From Crib To Bed: 5 Tips

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On the long road of parenting, there are many issues that will come up, seemingly completely out of the blue, that are far trickier to navigate
than you'd ever have imagined. This, of course, is old news to experienced parents, but nonetheless it helps to get some tips on some of these issues.

In this article, we'll talk specifically about the transition from crib to toddler bed. What may seem like a simple upgrade in furniture can actually be a complex and difficult task that requires a great deal of attention and preparation. So without further ado, here are 5 tips for helping your child (and yourself) to make a smooth transition:
1. Recognise The Need The first step in the transition is recognising the need to switch from crib to bed. When your child gets too big for the crib, or learns how to climb out of it, it's tempting to hold off a bit, simply because you're so used to the crib routine. Try to be honest with yourselves as parents and recognise the need.
2. Provide Comfort The switch to a new bed can be alarming for a young child, and he or she may feel very alone and confused in the new environment. Whether it's a favourite stuffed animal, a special blanket, etc., try to provide a special element of comfort to help ease the transition. In fact, you can even consider picking out a special new stuffed friend from Fleurtations UK and giving it to your child along with the bed. Think of it as a companion to go on the journey with your child.

3. Choose A Fun (and Stable) Bed 
Consider having some fun with an artistic, cartoonish, or even multi-purpose bed that your child can have some fun with. At
Dreams UK you'll find a number of options that fit these descriptions - lofted beds designed as little princess palaces or knightly castles, beds with decorative guard rails around them, etc. These types of bed frames can help your kid to feel comfortable - even excited - about the change.

4. Be Prepared For New Freedom
The most alarming aspect of "the switch" for parents is the child's new freedom! Be prepared to have a little wandering guest more often than you might expect - once your child realizes his or her new freedom, you could be in for an adventure.

5. Start Story Time
One great way to make your child comfortable with the new arrangement is to start up story time. Kids thrive ritual and habit, and with the new space a bed will offer you can lay down with your child for some reading time before bed every night. Just head to Barnes & Noble and pick out a few kids' books, and you'll start a ritual you'll both love for years.

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