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BabaSlings Ltd theBabaSling Lite

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PRODUCT: BabaSlings Ltd theBabaSling Lite ( Lite Charcoal

DESCRIPTION: A unisex 100% cotton lightweight, breathable sling designed to carry babies from birth to around 2 years, with five carrying options and two breastfeeding positions (maximum weight ranging from 9 – 15kg depending on the carrying position). One size, available in Coral, Fuchsia, Turquoise and Charcoal. Instruction booklet included. Suitable for use from birth.

GOOD POINTS: With its beautiful top quality design, the BabaSling Lite is the newest edition to the BabaSlings Ltd range of baby carriers, and is available in a choice of subtle and more eye catching colours to suit all tastes (and genders).

Its appearance is identical in style to theBabaSling Classic -a fabric one-shoulder design which provides a hammock-shaped carrier with adjustable side railings. The difference here however is that the Lite is made from cotton twill which offers the same strength and durability as the Classic, whilst providing a lighter (twenty percent lighter!), breathable and water resistant alternative. This provides both you and baby with cool comfortable protection from the elements, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and ideally suited for use in warmer weather and hotter climates.

theBabaSling Lite TurquoiseOn purchase, theBabaSling Lite comes wonderfully presented in a handy toggle bag which makes it easy and compact to store, and an accompanying instructions booklet provides comprehensive step-by-step details on every aspect of using the sling (containing pictorial as well as written guidance). 

The Lite has a wonderfully substantial yet lightweight feel to it, and is really quite easy and convenient to use once you have practised a few times - the safety buckle and large main buckle are clipped together, and the sling placed over your head and one arm so that it sits across your body. The straps are fully adjustable to suit varying shapes and sizes, and can be used to independently tighten or loosen the two railings. This also enables the sling to be easily worn on either left or right shoulder dependant on personal preference. The sling's shoulder strap is really well padded with foam to make it comfortable to wear over long periods, as are the side railings which provide a snug barrier for baby. In addition, a well-positioned deep integrated pocket just below theBabaSling label provides a useful place to store a few essential items (including a baby bottle).

Once adjustments are completed, your child can be easily manoeuvred into position and just like theBabaSling Classic, the Lite can be worn in a number of different frontal positions to account not only for your own preferences but also for the age and size of your child. These positions include Easy Tiger, Sleeping Tiger and Koala Cuddle, all rearward facing positions and all suitable for use from birth; and Little Joey (forwards facing), suitable from 3 months. The Easy Tiger and Sleeping Tiger positions are also ideal positions for on-the-go breastfeeding, and the upper railing can be pulled up to give you added privacy while your child is nursing (this is also illustrated in the instructions manual).

The advantages of using theBabaSling Lite are clear. It provides a very calm and secure environment for a newborn, and a fun mode of theBabaSling Lite Coraltransport for older babies once they can support their head; it is compact and easy to store and take away; it leaves you hands free to hold or tend to other things; and it is very convenient for using in crowded areas, on public transport, and up stairs and escalators. What's more, theBabaSling Lite is easy to clean and is machine washable at 40 degrees.

In our opinion, theBabaSling Lite does not disappoint on value for money, quality or usability, proving to be an effective and wonderfully comfortable way for baby (and you) to travel, complete with a simple, stylish and versatile design that will appeal to both mums and dads alike. 

BAD POINTS: The sling cannot be tumble-dried, and you may need to spend some time mastering the art of getting your baby into the various different positions, as well as finding which position suits both of you best.

PRICE: £39.99

Available from Amazon: theBabaSling Lite

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