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BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle

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PRODUCT: Baby Björn Baby Carrier Miracle ( BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

DESCRIPTION: A front-support cotton mix fabric carrier for carrying baby in either an inward facing or outward facing position. Features include waist belt, integrated back support and size adjustment setting. Suitable for babies between 3.5kg/8lbs and 12kg/26lbs (approx. 15 months). Available in a unisex black/grey design.

GOOD POINTS: The Baby Carrier Miracle is, quite simply, a superb carrier from the BabyBjorn range. It might not cater for everyone's budget (i.e. it is certainly at the top end of the market), but...and it's a big BUT...this is definitely not your average carrier!

The carrier is clean-looking and stylish, and no expense has been spared on quality and features to ensure that it provides the best possible design for both parent and baby.

The BabyBjorn Miracle is made from a cotton and polyester mix, and comes in a single choice of colour - black with a silvery-grey trim - to appeal to Dads and Mums alike. It is designed for use with newborns through to babies aged approximately 15 months, and allows your child to be carried in both an inward facing position (from birth) and an outward facing position (from approx. 4 months once they can fully support their neck).

The major strength of the Baby Carrier Miracle is its excellent ergonomic design to provide maximum support and comfort, and improve BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miraclebody posture. In particular, a rigid framed back support and a lumbar support waist belt both help to prevent strain on your back and shoulders, and spread baby's weight evenly across your body.

The carrier is incredibly simple to use (and dismantle) and is fully adjustable to cater for your own shape and size as well as your baby's. It comes in two parts - the harness and the front panel - to make the process of getting your child into and out of the carrier as simple and as convenient as possible. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions with diagrams are provided.

The harness is put on like a waistcoat, and each side of the harness's waist belt clip into a double buckle on the bottom of the front panel. The waist belt straps can be tightened or slackened to ensure a comfortable fit. The baby is placed in the carrier, and the front panel brought up around baby's body and attached to each side of the harness via easy-to-operate head support buckles and substantial side latches (i.e. long hooks which slide into integrated slots on the harness). The side latches are colour coded to ensure that the panel is attached correctly. For smaller babies (up to 4.5kg/11lbs), additional useful leg straps can be fastened to ensure a secure and supportive fit around baby's legs.

The head support section of the panel is fully adjustable and can be folded downBabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle when being used with children in the forward-facing position. The shoulder straps and back support can also be adjusted easily (whilst wearing) to reduce or increase load as required; in particular the back support slides up and down 'runners' on the rear straps of the harness to assist you in carrying your child lower down as they get bigger and heavier. This feature also enables the carrier to cater well for taller parents!

A great additional feature of the carrier is a clever size adjustment (i,e, sliding buckle) on the front panel which accommodates children as they grow, and allows you to set the carrier to take account of your child's approximate height. This buckle (which is designed to be stiff to move) slides down to release more material, and has a useful adjustment label which provides a rough indication of how far to slide the clip dependent on the approximate length of your baby (in centimetres).

There are several major benefits to using a baby carrier, and the BabyBjorn Miracle is no exception; it promotes increased bonding between parent and baby, which in turn leads to increased infant contentment and reduced crying. In either the forward or BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracleinward facing position, the carrier allows your child increased interaction with the world around them, and leaves you totally hands free to tend to other things. In addition, the carrier has the added advantage of providing easier access to confined and busy spaces, escalators and stairs...a common problem with prams and pushchairs.


The carrier is very comfortable to wear, and can be worn for long periods of time, particularly when carrying younger babies, without putting undue strain on your back and shoulders. This makes it great for wearing around the house or out and about. The carrier is also easy to clean and is machine washable.  

In our opinion, this is an fantastic baby carrier, which is ultra durable and practical, and has some amazingly unique design features and fastenings which make for easy, convenient and comfortable carrying. 

BAD POINTS: There are no extras such as dummy holders, dribble bibs or pockets. The carrier is expensive, but you do get very good quality for your money. Only available in one colour.

PRICE: £109.99

Available from Amazon: BabyBjorn Miracle 

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