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Cosatto Zoomi Group 1-2-3 Car Seat

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PRODUCT: Cosatto Zoomi Group 1-2-3 Car Seat ( Zoomi 1-2-3 Car Seat

DESCRIPTION: A Group 1, 2 and 3 forward facing car seat which transforms from child seat to standard booster seat. Suitable for use from 9kg to 36kg (approx. 11 years). Features include removable adjustable 5-point harness with chest and crotch pads and quick release buckle, removable back rest, height adjustable head rest, padded arm rests, and 2-part reversible seat liner. Available in four designs: Oopsi Ditsi (pink), Roundabout (orange), and the two newest designs Hello Dolly (purple) and Little Monster (green). Includes FREE 4 year guarantee. Complies to safety standard ECE R 44/04.

Dimensions: L70cm x W46cm x D44cm
Weight: 5.3kg

INSTALLATION: Upon purchase, the Zoomi car seat comes in two parts, booster seat and back rest. If using as a Group 1 car seat (9-18kg, approx. 9 mths - 4 years) or a Group 2 car seat (15-25kg, approx. 4-6 years), prior to initial use the back rest needs to be clipped onto the booster seat, and if necessary the head rest raised or lowered to the desired height by pulling out the adjustment lever on the back (it will click between height levels).

Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3 Car SeatThe seat must be fitted in a forward facing position in the rear or front seats of the car (only seats which use a standard 3-point harness). As a Group 1 car seat, it is straightforward to install and remove using the instructions provided, and uses the car's own 3-point seat belt to secure it into position through various guides and locks around the base and shell. It is however essential to read the instructions fully to ensure you are using the correct fastening technique. Your child is then secured into the seat using its 5-point harness.

As a Group 2 car seat, the 5-point harness must be removed completely from the seat. The car's standard diagonal shoulder belt must be threaded through the seat belt guide to ensure it does not cross the child's neck area, and the lap belt positioned across the lap under both arm rests. As a Group 3 car seat (22-36kg, approx. 6-11 years), again the 5-point harness is removed, and the back rest unclipped from the booster seat. The standard seat belt is then fastened around your child, ensuring that the diagonal belt clings to their shoulder and the lap belt passes under both arm rests.

GOOD POINTS: The Zoomi Group 1-2-3 Car Seat is an amazingly versatile seat which is intended to accommodate your child from approximately 9 months to 11 years old, and as such will be the only seat you ever need to buy!

As expected, the quality of this Cosatto seat is high, with a wonderful finish, lovely attention to detail, fun embroidered designs, and a great range of bright colours to choose from to suit boys and girls.Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3 Car Seat

The seat has been cleverly designed as two separate parts - the back rest and the booster seat - which can be customised to cater for all ages. That is, they can be attached together to create a high back car seat for use with and without the seat's own 5-point harness, or alternatively for older/taller children the back rest can be detached and the booster seat used on its own (see installation above).

The cover of the seat is made from a high quality thick polyester which is soft and very padded to provide maximum comfort for your child, whatever the journey time. For young children, the secure five-point harness keeps them well restrained, and has lovely wide straps with wonderfully oversized crotch and shoulder pads in matching design. These straps are adjustable to suit baby's age and size, and can be loosened and tightened via a 'one-pull' adjuster strap and release button located at the front of the seat. In addition, a choice of two shoulder strap heights caters excellently for your child as they grow.

The seat also comes with a two-part seat liner with head hugger, the bottom part fitted through the crotch strap of the booster seat and the top part fed through the shoulder straps of the back rest. The liner offers some welcome extra padding and 'snugness' for young children, as well as a fun reversible design (one side patterned and one side plain), and the separate parts enable the liner to easily accommodate any change to the shoulder strap height.

Note that both the seat cover and seat liners can be detached easily for cleaning (machine washable). In addition, as your child develops, the seat liner and 5-point harness (and back rest) can be removed from the seat altogether to convert it to a Group 2/3 seat. Furthermore, a height adjustable head rest can be raised up to cater for your child as they grow in height, and padded arm rests provide some further comfort and support for those long journeys.

In our opinion, this Zoomi car seat is another superb product from Cosatto, with a brilliantly thought-out design and top quality detailing and finish that will fully cater for all your child's travel needs....and all for a very reasonable price!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find, other than the seat has no cup or bottle holders for your child to access.  

PRICE: Approx. £90

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