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Lifft Slings

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PRODUCT: Lifft Slings ( Baby Sling

DESCRIPTION: A scientifically tested sling-style baby carrier for both mums and dads, for use with newborns and toddlers up to 35lbs. Available in ladies sizes 6-22, and mens sizes S, M, L and XL, in a choice of designs: Cocoa and Coral, Vanilla and Stone, Khaki and Black, and Navy. Suitable from birth.

GOOD POINTS: The Lifft Sling has a wonderfully simplistic appeal about it, and comes in a choice of attractive and subtle colour schemes with some lovely detailing to appeal to fathers as well as mothers.

What sets the Lifft Sling apart from many others is its straightforward and easy-to-use design, with no requirement for straps, buckles, clasps or other such fiddly fastenings. Furthermore, the sling has been thoroughly tested and scientifically proven to improve your posture while carrying your child, by reducing inflexion (or curve) of the spine, thereby keeping your spine straighter whilst walking and standing.

Lifft Baby SlingThe baby sling is made from a wonderfully substantial and breathable soft cotton material, and is essentially a double-lined tube of fabric which is folded in half lengthways, and simply slips over your head to sit across your preferred shoulder. Its generous width across the shoulder and back helps spread baby's weight evenly across your body for a very comfortable wear, even over long periods of time.

The sling is designed to be used in two ways; firstly a 'front lifft' carrying technique can be used to carry newborns (up to the age of 7 months), by cradling the baby within the pouch, and using the special curved 'stretch' panel to position baby's bottom and allow a little extra 'give' to ensure baby is secure and snug. Padded rails on either side of the sling also provide maximum comfort to baby's head, neck, arms and legs, whatever their position!

From about 6 months of age (up to approx. 2 years), a 'side lifft' carrying technique isLifft baby sling recommended, which allows your toddler to sit in an upright position with the pouch acting as a seat and the 'stretch' panel lined up with your child's back. Note that easy-to-follow diagrammed instructions are provided with the product to demonstrate these carrying techniques in detail. In addition, both positions are very easy to get baby into and out of single-handedly, and require no outside assistance.

One major benefit of using the Lifft Sling is that it leaves you totally hands free to tend to other things, whatever carrying technique you use. Furthermore, other benefits to both you and your baby include increased bonding with baby, increased contentment and reduced crying, increased interaction with the environment, discrete and easy breastfeeding, easier access to confined and busy spaces, and improved body posture.

The sling comes in a variety of sizes to ensure that you get the perfect match for your body shape. Purchasing the correct size maximises comfort and prevents strain on your body during carrying, while also eliminating the need for endless adjustments each time you use it. The sizing system is simply based on your normal dress size (for women) or T-Shirt size (for men), and the Lifft Slings company are happy to exchange items until you are happy that you have the correct fit. The Lifft Slings website provides useful information on their available size ranges.

The simple design of the Lifft Sling allows it to fold down very compactly for easy storage and transportation when out and about, and it can be machine-washed using a cold water wash cycle.

In our opinion, this is a wonderfully stylish carrier for baby which includes a great 'For Him' range which is ideal for increased bonding between dad and baby. Its simple yet unique design provides an extremely comfortable mode of travel, as well as multiple benefits to both you and your child.

BAD POINTS: The sling is dependent on clothes size and so cannot be shared by more than one person unless they are the same size.

PRICE: £49.99


Available from Amazon and Boots


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