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4Little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring

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PRODUCT: 4Little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring ( )4Little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring

DESCRIPTION: A BPA-free natural pure essential oils vapour to help baby breathe more easily when feeding. Fits standard wide neck bottles and comes in pre-metered doses. Includes 3 x vapour ring sachets per pack. Suitable for use from 3 months.

GOOD POINTS: Many parents can sympathise with the worry involved when their child is suffering from the symptoms of a cold or allergy. While such ailments are common in infants, a blocked nose can make it very difficult for a young baby to swallow, feed and sleep, leaving both child and parent feeling stressed. This is where the innovative new 4Little1 Vapour-ring (from their Baby nose-clear range) can really assist parents by helping to directly clear baby's nasal passage to enable them to breathe more easily when bottle feeding.

4Little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-ringIt consists of a cleverly designed plastic ring (BPA-free) which fits securely over the bottle teat of a standard wide-neck baby bottle and sits against the screw ring (i,e, the teat holder).

The ring has a raised perforated area around one section of its rim which contains a safe pre-measured dose of blended pure essential oils - Eucalyptus Smithii, Peppermint, Niaouli, Menthol, Juniper, Myrtle and Clove Bud. As your baby feeds from the bottle, the vapours from the oil gently escape through the perforations and into baby's nasal passages where they effectively help to relax, soothe and decongest. It really is as simple to use as that, and baby won't know it's even there!

The Baby nose-clear vapour-rings come in packs of three, with each ring sealed in its own vacuum-packed4Little1 Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring protective sachet. Not only are they very handy for slipping into your changing bag on a day out, but can also be reused again and again - one ring will last approximately twenty-four feeds depending on feeding time - and can be simply resealed in their sachets to help keep them fresh when not in use. Note that the intensity of the vapour will gradually fade with use which will signal when a new ring is required.

In our opinion, the Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring is a wonderfully unique little device which is a simple-to-use, mess-free and safe way to reduce nasal congestion and help maintain baby's daily routine during illness.

BAD POINTS: Obviously of no use if you breastfeed rather than bottle-available feed your baby, however there are other Baby nose-clear products which can be used alongside breastfeeding.

PRICE: £6.99 


Available from Amazonalt and Boots 


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