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4Little1 Eezimed Medicine Dummy

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PRODUCT: 4Little1 Eezimed Medicine Dummy ( Eezimed Medicine Dummy

DESCRIPTION: A BPA and latex free dummy with an orthodontic silicone teat and a unique syringe plunger to deliver an exact dose of medicine. Suitable for use from 3 months.

GOOD POINTS: The Eezimed Medicine Dummy is a really innovative product which enables parents to safely and effectively administer medicine to a baby or young child in the event that they are unwell.

The product cleverly combines a pacifier with a unique patented syringe that can be used to orally deliver a pre-measured amount of medicine in a soothing and stress-free way.

The device consists of an orthodontic silicone teat, with a special snap-fastening chamber behind the teat into which the required medical dose is measured, up to 5ml. A small channel passing from the chamber through the dummy enables the medicine to be received either via your child's natural sucking motion on the dummy (which draws the medicine through the teat), or (for more unpleasant tasting drugs) via a small green plunger attached to the top of the chamber. Gently pushing in the plunger ensures that the medicine is dispensed at the back of your child's mouth behind their taste buds, making it difficult for them to spit it back out! Furthermore, the secure snap fit of the chamber cleverly locks the plunger in place once the medicine has been completely expelled.

4Little1 Eezimed Medicine DummyThe dummy and chamber can be easily washed in warm soapy water after each use (this is facilitated by the fact that water can be plunged through the dummy to get rid of residue) and then soaked in a baby bottle sterilising solution. It is important to note though that this is a medicine dispenser rather than a pacifier, and should not be used for long periods of time.

In our opinion, this is a fantastically designed little product, which is particularly great for children who will not take medicine from spoons or syringes as it soothes your baby whilst allowing drugs to be administered quickly and easily, in either an active or passive way.

BAD POINTS: The device cannot be used in a steam steriliser, and there is a risk that your child may not want it if they associate it with taking 'yucky' medicine! In addition, parents may be put off using this if their child does not normally use a conventional-style dummy.

PRICE: £7.14


Available from Amazon and Boots


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