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4Little1 Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator

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PRODUCT: 4Little1 Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator ( Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator

DESCRIPTION: A paediatrician-approved device to help physically clear mucus from a young baby's nose. Includes 1 x nasal aspirator, 2 x reusable filters, 1 x storage case and instructions. Suitable for use from birth.

GOOD POINTS: Any parent will know the effects that a simple cold, and particularly a blocked nose, can have on a baby's normal routine - their tiny nasal passages combined with their inability to blow their nose may cause them to experience unsettled sleep, be unable to hold a dummy, and find it frustratingly difficult to feed from a bottle or breast, all factors which can make for a stressful time for both baby and parent. In addition, excess nasal mucus could also lead to secondary complications for a young child such as coughs, ear infections and stomach upsets.

The Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator is a great alternative to the traditional 'bulb' aspirators, and serves as an effective natural decongestant for your child, being totally safe to use from birth right up until they can blow their own nose.

The aspirator is really easy to use and has a very simply yet effective design, consisting of a transparent plastic mouthpiece, tubing, sealed chamber (bulb) with medical grade filter, and nozzle. It comes ready assembled, although it is advised that the product is washed before initial use.

The idea is that the nozzel is held (not inserted) at the end of baby's nose while the parent sucks through the mouthpiece to clear away any excess mucus. The mucus will collect in the sealed chamber and is cleverly prevented by the filter from being sucked back. It may be beneficial to first moisten the nose with saline solution if the congestion is very dry, crusted or sticky.

The great feature of the aspirator is that it is impossible for you to over suck or hurt your child, and you will quickly be able to gauge how much suction is required (practicing beforehand with some mayonnaise, yoghurt or water is recommended!).

The see-through plastic allows you to visibly monitor how much congestion you have cleared, and the flexible tubing enables you to guide the nozzel towards baby's nose while you grip the mouthpiece with your mouth, thereby freeing up your other hand to support baby's head if needed.

After each use, the aspirator can be quickly dismantled for cleaning, and the nozzle can simply be unscrewed from the chamber to enable access to the filter. All components can be washed in warm soapy water, and sterilisation is not necessary (unless the device is being used by more than one child). Once dried, the aspirator fits neatly back together ready to be used again, and even comes in a handy storage box for safe (hygienic) keeping! A spare filter is also usefully included with the kit, and additional replacement filters are available to purchase separately.

This really is an invaluable and hygienic little product which, in our opinion, makes a big difference to both parents and young babies throughout the continuous stream of colds, sniffles or allergies that are common during the early years. The website is also full of useful information and advice for dealing with nasal congestion in young babies.

Please note that the original Baby nose-clear Aspirator is available on prescription.

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the filters are quite small and therefore easy to lose when dismantled!

PRICE: £8.49


Available from Amazon and Boots


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