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Tomy Walkabout Platinum Digital Baby Monitor

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PRODUCT: Tomy Walkabout Platinum Digital Baby MonitorTomy Walkabout Platinum Digital Baby Monitor (

DESCRIPTION: A digital baby safety system with 120 channel selection, 300m range, two-way talk-back, temperature read-out, last feed timer, and vibration alert. The monitor includes baby unit, parent unit, recharging docking station for parent unit, 2 x adaptors, and instructions (plus 2-year guarantee). Requires 4 x AA batteries.

GOOD POINTS: This is an excellent monitor for giving you reassurance while you and your baby are sleeping. Essentially one unit has a microphone (baby unit), while the other has the speaker (parent unit). Both have the option of plugging into the mains or running on batteries. The parent unit comes with a recharging docking station that it sits in, which allows the unit to be carried around with you once charged (a belt clip is included).

The monitor has a good range in open areas. Some older buildings with thick walls will significantly reduce the range you can achieve, although the parent unit starts beeping if the connection is lost. The sound quality is excellent, and the great feature of this monitor is its interference-free operation, with 120 auto-select channels. This is because it is based on DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephony) which has its own dedicated operating frequency band. This is different to many other monitors which use shared frequency bands, in which many different types of equipment can also operate to cause interference.

Another great feature of the monitor is that it monitors the temperature of your baby’s room and gives read-outs on an LCD display on the front of each unit. This is very handy for deciding what to dress your baby in to sleep. It also records minimum and maximum temperatures so that you can monitor temperature variances in your baby’s room during the day and night. There is a sound sensitive light display and a vibration alert on the parent unit, both of which are activated when your baby cries. This means that even if the volume is turned down you are alerted to your baby’s wakings. This is also useful if you are in a noisy environment where you might not easily hear your baby crying, i.e. near a washing machine or radio, or mowing the lawn etc.

The baby unit has a nightlight which can be turned on and off remotely using the parent unit. This eliminates the need to disturb baby by going in and out of their room. In addition, there is a talkback function which allows you to speak to and sooth your baby through the monitor, as well as a last feed timer which is very useful in the early months to help you work out the times between feeds and decide whether baby is crying because of hunger or something else. It is also handy for timing sleep periods.

In all, a great monitor with excellent sound quality and some very useful design features.

BAD POINTS: The battery life of the parent unit once charged is quite low, and the unit does not stand up on its own when not in the docking station. The button layout is not ideal and the wrong buttons can easily be pressed or reset. The monitor is very pricey but you do get a lot of useful features for your money.

PRICE: £84.99


Available from Amazon: Tomy Walkabout Platinum Digital Baby Monitor


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