OXO Tot Whale Pail

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PRODUCT: OXO Tot Whale Pail (www.oxouk.com)OXO Tot Whale Pail

DESCRIPTION: A blue whale-shaped bath vessel designed for collecting, rinsing, draining and storing bath toys. Features include ventilation holes, non-slip handle, and translucent window. Includes a storage holster, a suction cup mounting plate and an adhesive strip mounting plate. Dimensions are 27.9 x 24.1 x 19.7cm.

GOOD POINTS: The Whale Pail is a really innovative bathroom accessory, that is a fun and productive way for your child to tidy and store all their favourite bath toys.

The pail is made from sturdy blue plastic, and is large in size and shaped like a whale to appeal to young children. The whale's tail forms the handle of the pail, and has a non-slip grip on the underside to provide a soft, comfortable and firm hold for both parents and young children, even if hands are still wet!

OXO Tot Whale PailThe main body of the pail is rounded and spacious to hold a good number of items, and its wide 'mouth' acts as a handy scoop for collecting up toys quickly and easily from bath water. Its design also enables toys to be rinsed and drained easily, thanks to perforations across the sides and bottom of the pail that allow residue water to stream out without drenching anyone holding it. For this reason, the Whale Pail also doubles as an excellent utensil for gently rinsing baby's hair, and the fact that the pail can be used one-handed frees up your other hand to tend to other things.

A further great feature of the Whale Pail is that it comes with a very useful wall holder to enable the toys to be stored (yet easily accessed) once they have been tidied. This consists of a special holster that the pail sits to keep it in an upright position, along with a choice of two mounting plates for securing the holster to the wall - one with suction cups for affixing to a smooth tiled surface (or bathtub), and one with adhesive strips for attaching to textured tiles. Two feet on the underside of the holster can also be positioned to rest on the bath ledge to provide added support.

Larger holes along the sides of the pail increase ventilation to allow toys to dry, and a large window on the outside of the whale enables little ones to locate their favorite toys easily and quickly.

In our opinion, the Whale Pail is a fun and well thought-out bathroom accessory that makes tidying and storing toys a very efficient and stress-free process.

BAD POINTS: The Whale Pail is suitable only for collecting and holding small toys.

PRICE: Approx. £20


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