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Treehouse Children's Books - Noisy Country

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PRODUCT: Treehouse Children's Books - Noisy Country ( Country

DESCRIPTION: A board book with cut-out windows and various lever mechanisms to add sound and movement to the story.

GOOD POINTS: This is a very sturdy board book which tells a brief little story about some woodland friends, including a woodpecker, rabbit, squirrel and mouse. The book has lovely colourful pages and illustrations, and each page introduces a new character.

The great feature of the book is that each page has a cut out window and working lever mechanism on the side which helps to tell the story through different sound effects and movements: the woodpecker pecks its beak against a tree, the rabbit scratches its leg up and down, the squirrel shakes an acorn, and the mouse squeaks.

The levers are a good chuncky size, and arrows on the front of each lever shows your child which direction to move it in. Two of the levers have fingerholes to allow your child to easily operate the functions, one has a rattle, and the other a squeaker.

In all, this is a great book with original interactive features that will appeal to any child. Also available in this series is 'Noisy Farm'.

BAD POINTS: None, other than the squeaker is a little difficult to operate, especially for a young child.

PRICE: £5.99


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