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Drumond Park Bang On!

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Bang On! ( Park Bang On2

DESCRIPTION: A 2+ player game where players must race around the board answering timed questions and be the first to reach the finish! Contains 1 x Bang On Unit, 1 x hammer, 99 x question cards, 1 x challenge card, 1 x playing board, 2 x playing pieces, 1 x sticker sheet, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're after an exciting high energy game for all the family then look no further than the new Bang On! board game from Drumond Park. 

Designed as a team game, players must make their way from start to finish around a playing board, competing against the clock to get as many correct answers as possible and therefore move further around the board!

The game consists of a sturdy fold-out playing board, along with a number of (double-sided) question cards which are colour coded (red, purple and yellow)  to match the coloured spaces on the board. Also included is an electronically controlled 'Bang On Unit' which consists of a big red button which, when hit with the red game 'hammer' provided, sends a red timer knob whizzing up an arm (similar to a fairground game!).

Drumond Park Bang OnThe game requires little set up apart from adding some sticker detail (provided) to the Bang On Unit. Each team chooses one of the coloured playing pieces and places it on the start arrow, and also chooses who from their team will be the 'banger' for that turn (i.e. the player who will operate the hammer!).

To play, the opposing team takes a question card and asks the question which is the same colour as the playing team's current board space. Questions are themed naming questions such as 'Name a three letter body part' or 'Name round fruits' etc. The playing team hit the red button with the hammer to start their turn and then they must name as many answers to the question as possible.

Each time they answer correctly they can hit the red button again to send the timer knob shooting up the arm to add some crucial seconds to their go. Their turn is over either if they manage to shout out 10 correct answers, or if the knob drops to the bottom of the arm.

The game includes some nice touches in terms of rules - for example, a challenge card can be played by the opposing team if they disagree with an answer. Also, the board playing spaces have options for extra bangs, stopping players from answering, and doubling scores.

In addition, one of the three questions on each question card is a bonus question listing three possible answers which, if the playing team mention, can earn them extra points.

The number of points earned by the playing team on their go are translated into moves on the board, for example, a team scoring 6 will move 6 spaces around the board. The first team to reach the finish space win the game!

The game is suitable for all the family to participate in, and the accompanying instructions are clear and succinct. A fantastically fast-paced game which will keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the sticker detailing may wear off over time, and excessive hammer force on the red button may damage the unit.

PRICE: £27.99


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