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Drumond Park Barbecue Party Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Barbecue Party Game ( Park barbecue party

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player game where players must compete to remove or place different foods on the barbecue grill before it all gets catapulted off! Contains 1 x barbecue, 1 x grilling plate, 2 x chicken drumsticks, 2 x hot dogs, 2 x fish, 2 x broccoli, 2 x tomatoes, 2 x peppers, 2 x corn on the cobs, 2 x mushrooms, 1 x pair of tongs, 1 x sticker sheet, 17 x cards, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Barbecue Party game from Drumond Park is a wonderfully simple but fun action and reflex game for young children, who must try to collect food items off the barbecue without making it jump!

The game consists of a red plastic barbecue base unit with removable grill plate, complete with legs (which act as the stand), hands and a smiling face with big protruding cartoon-like eyes that kids will love.

There are a generous number of plastic meat and vegetable pieces to 'barbecue' (with sticker eyes provided separately for your child to add to each item), and a set of cards with corresponding pictures of these food items. The game also includes some large red plastic tongs with rubber ends to make it easy to pick up the plastic pieces.

The base unit is spring loaded (no batteries required) and is operated via an on/off switch on the side of the base. Prior to play, the barbecue needs to be 'set' by pushing the large rod in the centre down until it clicks into position, and the grill needs to be placed back on top. The cards need to be shuffled and spread face down on the table, alongside all the food items.

To play, players take turns to choose and turn over a card. If the card shows a food picture, then the player must either place the corresponding plastic item onto the barbeque if it is not there (using the tongs provided although fingers are fine too), or alternatively, if it is on the barbecue already, they must remove it and place it on top of their card. Sounds simple, but the grill is very sensitive to movement and weight, and so one wrong move could cause the whole grill to spring off, catapulting all the food on it into the air! The winner is the first player to collect three or four cards with matching food items.

The game is simple for young children to understand and play, and the accompanying instructions are clear and succinct. In our opinion, this is an exciting action game with a wonderfully simple design concept that is great fun for younger children!

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the sticker detailing may wear off over time.

PRICE: £19.99


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