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Drumond Park Best of TV & Movies Board Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Best of TV & Movies Board Game ( )Drumond Park Best of TV and Logos

DESCRIPTION: A 2-6 player game for individual or team play, which is the 'entertainment' edition of the LOGO family of board games, and celebrates players' knowledge on a variety of subject areas relating to movies and TV shows. Includes 1 x playing board, 6 x playing pieces, 400 x question cards, 3 x bonus cards and instructions. Suitable for children aged 12 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Best of TV & Movies is another brilliantly entertaining game from Drumond Park which is great fun to play with family or friends, and is easily adaptable to enable both individual and team play.

The Best of TV & Movies is essentially a quiz game which tests players' knowledge about everything and anything relating to film and television of all genres, both past and present - for example, soaps, reality and talent shows, sitcoms and period dramas to name a few, not to mention associated actors, characters and personalities. The game is recommended for children aged 12 years to adult, however the general question content and overall level of general knowledge required will probably make it most appealing to more mature family members.

The game consists of a thick fold-out circular game board, with a definitive start and end point connected by a winding path of bright coloured spaces on a purple background. Each player or team chooses a cone-shaped playing piece which they position on the initial 'start' space. A nominated 'Question Master' (QM) from each team then take turns to ask the opposing team a round of questions which they must successfully answer to progress round the board to the 'Winning Zone'. If playing individually, players take turns to be QM for the player on their left. 

The questions are set out on four-hundred question cards, all contained within a handy little storage box with lid. There are four questions on the back of each card (that's 1600 questions!) which each team or individual must attempt to answer on any given round. These questions may relate to a picture displayed on the front of the card (picture cards), may have a common theme (theme cards) or may simply be random (pot luck cards).

Whatever the type of question card, each of the four questions on the back are colour coded to match the coloured playing spaces on the board. Asking the questions in order, each time a team or individual gives a correct answer, they can move their counter to the next coloured space on the board which matches the colour of the question. If they answer incorrectly then the QM is able to ask the same question to their own team for the chance of snatching an extra move round the board. If playing individually, then the QM can ask the same question to each player moving to the left until it is answered correctly. The aim of the game is for each individual or team to get their counter to the 'Winning Zone' at the top of the board, where they must successfully answer a combination of questions to win the game...this all sounds quite complicated but actually makes for a simple and effective game once you're got the hang of the rules.

To add a few twists to the team game, three bonus cards can be played once throughout play - a 'Mute Button' card which can be used to stop a specific player in the other team from answering that particular round of questions; a 'Change the Channel' card which allows a team to take another card if they don't like the topic; and a 'Fast Forward' card which allows a team to 'pass' on one of the four questions without the question being offered to the other team.

In our opinion, the Best of TV and Movies is a great family game for a bit of lighthearted competition, with a really comprehensive set of past and current questions to test your screen knowledege to the limit!

BAD POINTS: Quite expensive for a board game!

PRICE: £31


Available from Amazonalt and Argos 


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