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Drumond Park HIS and HERS Board Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park HIS and HERS Board Game ( Park His and Hers Board Game

DESCRIPTION: A 4+ player males-versus-females team quiz game that celebrates the differences between men and woman. Includes 1 x playing board, 400 x question cards (1600 questions), 2 x playing pieces and instructions leaflet. Suitable for players aged 16 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're a fan of quiz games and have always wanted to test your knowledge about the opposite sex, then look no further than 'His and Hers' - the latest fantastic offering from Drumond Park.

The game is essentially a board game, where two same-sex teams of males and females compete to travel round the game board the quickest by correctly answering questions about the opposite, as well as their own, sex!

The game consists of a colourful fold-out circular playing board, consisting of 'His' and 'Hers' playing spaces which follow separate yet parallel paths round the board. Two cone-shaped playing counters are included, blue for the 'boys' team and pink for the 'girls', and these are initially placed on the corresponding start spaces on the board. A nominated 'Question Master' from each team then take turns to ask the opposing team a question which they must successfully answer to progress round the board. If they answer incorrectly then the Question Master is able to ask the same question to their own team for the chance of snatching an extra move round the board! The aim of the game is for the teams to get their counter to the 'Winning Zone' in the centre of the board, where they must successfully answer a combination of questions to win.

The questions are set out on cards - two hundred pink edged cards representing 'female' questions and two hundred blue edged cards representing 'male' questions, all contained within a neat little question box with lid to keep them safe. There are four questions to each card which are colour coded to match the coloured playing spaces on the board; therefore the colour of the space that a team moves their counter to will dictate the question they will be asked from any one card. Whether this question comes from the male or female card set is determined by whether the little oval shape located inside each playing space is coloured pink or blue, i.e. a team can be asked either a male or female oriented question.

The types of questions on the cards cover three categories: 'picture cards', which have a picture on the front relating to the four questions on the back; 'theme cards' on which all the answers have a common theme; and 'pot luck cards' which contain random questions. The nature of the questions is sure to generate some hilarious responses, and certainly gets the competition flowing between the sexes. Whats more, the questions are tastefully devised to appreciate and celebrate the differences between men and women as seen through everyday things, without belittling or undermining them! Indeed, the game is neither rude nor crude, although please note it is not recommended for children due to the adult content of some of the questions.

In our opinion this is a really fun and refreshing game which really tests what you think you know about the opposite sex, with good quality components, clear and easy-to-understand instructions, as well as a decent number of question cards to ensure continued enjoyment and spontaneity of answers! This is definitely the perfect game for dinner parties and is ideal for parents with young children who are tied to entertaining their friends at home.

BAD POINTS: Quite expensive for a board game!

PRICE: £32.99


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