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Drumond Park LOGO Lite

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park LOGO Lite ( Park LOGO Lite

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player game, based on the classic LOGO board game, where players must collect all six coloured discs through correctly answering questions. Includes 4 x disc holder quadrants, 24 x discs, 264 x LOGO question cards, 1 x spinner, 1 x spinner card and instructions. Suitable for children aged 12 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The new LOGO Lite game from Drummond Park is a fun and simpler way to play the much loved original LOGO game, and its smaller size makes it the perfect travel entertainment. 

The game is well geared for children of the recommended age group (12+ years) who will certainly be familiar with the majority of brands and items presented on the question cards. What's great is that the game lends itself to team as well as individual play for younger children who don't feel comfortable playing on their own. What's more, the game is perfect for encouraging plenty of communication and quick thinking...great for building confidence.

The game consists of a small circular spinner card divided into six different coloured segments, with a hole in the centre to attach the spinner. Four coloured disc holders sit together around the outside of the spinner card, and each holder has six 'wells' for holding six discs.

A generous number of question cards are included, each containing four questions. These are in a similar style to the original LOGO game (and can even be used to enhance it!) and comprise picture cards (where questions relate to the picture on the front of the card), pot luck cards (a random selection of questions) and theme cards (all the answers have a common theme). A handy storage tray to hold the questions is included. 

To play the game, players choose a disc holder and take it in turns to answer all the questions on a card. For each answer they get right, they get the chance to spin the spinner and win a coloured disc that matches the colour that the spinner lands on. The idea is to collect all six different-coloured disks. If the spinner lands on a coloured disc that they already have, they win nothing for that question and move onto the next question. If they get the question wrong, then that question is opened up to the next player for a bonus spin!

The winner is the first player to place all six different coloured discs in their disc holder.

In our opinion, this is a simple but very fun quick-fire game that makes for some fantastic family entertainment...perfect for fans of all things LOGO!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £19.99


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