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Drumond Park LOGO What Am I?

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park LOGO What Am I? ( Park LOGO What am I?

DESCRIPTION: A 2-6 player game for individual or team play, based on the classic LOGO board game. Includes 1 x playing board, 6 x playing pieces, 250 x question cards, 1 x special dice, 1 x sand timer, 1 x paper pad, 1 x pencil and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: LOGO What Am I? is the newest version of the brilliant classic LOGO game from Drumond Park, comprising a fun multi-activity design for all the family.

The game introduces a variety of extra elements to play which involve players drawing, describing and answering questions to enable other players to guess the names of well-known branded items or everyday products before timer runs out!

The game is well geared for children of the recommended age group who will certainly be familiar with the majority of brands and items presented on the question cards, and the game lends itself to team as well as individual play for younger children who don't feel comfortable playing on their own. What's more, the game is perfect for encouraging plenty of communication, problem solving and quick thinking to build confidence.

The game consists of a thick fold-out circular game board, with a definitive start point which winds round in a spiral design to the winning end zone via a path of brightly coloured symbolled spaces. These symbols relate to the symbols on the question cards which dictate what type of round the player must proceed with. 

The questions are set out on two-hundred-and-fifty question cards, all contained within a handy little storage box, and each card contains one 'picture' side and one 'challenge' side. The picture side is used for the 'Guess It' round, whereby the cardholder (i.e. player) must answer 'yes/no' questions from the other players in help them to identify the brand or item displayed in the picture. Note that the instructions provide some useful hints on the types of questions that players can ask.

The challenge side contains both the 'Draw It' round, for which the player in question can choose one of the two entries shown on the card and then draw clues to help other players guess what it is (a pen and pad is provided), as well as the 'Describe It' round, whereby the cardholder must describe all three of the branded entries displayed (without saying the entry per se) for others to correctly guess.

To start, each player or team chooses a cone-shaped playing piece which they position on the initial 'Go' space. Starting with the 'Describe It' round, the other players make as many guesses as they like until the sand timer runs out. If nobody guesses correctly then nobody moves forward, but if a player does guess correctly, then both he and the cardholder can roll the special dice provided to determine the number of spaces they can move forward on the board.

The aim of the game is for players to get their counter to the 'Winning Zone' in the centre of the board, however in this game there are always two winners - the first player to cross into the zone, as well as the player who correctly guessed his challenge that round. This makes for interesting play as any player, positioned anywhere on the board, could potentially end up being joint winner!

In our opinion, this is a great fun family game that is geared well to both young and old players alike, and the various new elements to the game mean that there is never a dull moment in play!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £24.99


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