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Drumond Park Shark Bite Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Shark Bite Game ( Park Shark Bite 3

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player game where players must try and save their catch before the shark snaps his jaws closed! Contains 1 x shark, 12 x pieces of shark food, 1 x fishing rod, 1 x dice, 1 x sticker sheet, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The new Shark Bite table top game from Drumond Park is an exciting high-tension game aimed at young children that is perfect for developing dexterity and fine motor skills. 

The aim of the game is very simple - players must try to hook out as many fish from the shark's mouth as possible before it snaps shut!

The game consists of a blue and white sharks head which stands on its end and is complete with opening plastic jaws full of big white teeth and a large blue fin. Sticker detailing is also provided for your child to add eyes to each side of the sharks head.

There are a generous number of plastic pieces of fish 'food' pieces provided, a plastic fishing rod (with hooked end), and a dice which your child must also add some sticker detailing to as part of the initial game set up.

Drumond Park Shark BiteThe mechanical shark base unit is spring loaded (no batteries required!) and prior to play needs to be 'set' by opening the shark's mouth and pushing down until it clicks into position. The twelve plastic fish pieces also need to be placed in the base using the twelve holes provided inside the shark's mouth.

To play, players take turns to roll the dice to determine how many fish they must 'rescue', and then use the fishing rod to hook the corresponding number of fish pieces out of the shark's jaws.

Sounds simple, but if the shark snaps its jaws during play then that players loses all their fish, and these are put back into the shark's mouth which is then reset. Play continues until there are no fish left in the shark's mouth - the winner is the player who has rescued the most fish!

The game is wonderfully simple for young children to understand and play, and the accompanying instructions are clear and succinct. This is, in our opinion, a really fun and exciting game for younger children that will keep them coming back for more as their confidence grows.

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the sticker detailing may wear off over time.

PRICE: £24.99


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