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Drumond Park The All New Catch Phrase TV Board Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park The All New Catch Phrase TV Board Game (www.drumondpark.comDrumond Park Catch Phrase

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game based on the classic Catch Phrase television show. Includes 96 x Regular Catch Phrase cards, 15 x Bonus Catch Phrase cards, 48 x Super Catch Phrase cards, 1 x Mr Chips card holder, 1 x Bonus Catch Phrase picture frame, 9 x window covers, 1 x Bonus frame clip, 1 x sand timer, 1 x red filter, 60 x banknotes, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: For new and old fans of the classic Catch Phrase television series, the All New Catch Phrase TV Board Game will provide hours of brain-racking fun!

The original game show (loved and remembered well!) which made a long-awaited return to our screens last year, has converted well into a family board game without losing any of its playability! The various components are of a decent quality, the Catch Phrase cards are clearly illustrated and colourful, and the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

For those not familiar with the game, it involves players looking at a series of picture cards which depict a familiar saying or phrase, with the aim that the player must correctly guess the phrase before the timer runs out to win themselves some (sadly fake!) money.

There is a little bit of 'setting up' required at the beginning, but this is easy to do, and simply requires slotting together the 'Mr Chips' shaped card stand, pressing the 'window covers' out of their pop-out sheet (only necessary for the first time of playing), laying out the various bank notes into piles, and sorting the 'super' from the 'regular' cards (only if they have got muddled up!).

One of the players must also act as 'host' for the first game, and as such must also prepare the Bonus Catch Phrase card frame - this involves the host discretely picking one of the large Bonus Catch Phrase cards (ensuring they know what the answer is!), sliding it into the frame (securing with the plastic clip provided), and then hiding the image by placing the numbered window covers over the corresponding numbers printed on the Catch Phrase picture (these will be a different order for each picture).

There are three rounds of play: The individual round involves each player trying to solve Catch Phrase cards on their own (Regular cards). Each card to solve is placed on the Mr Chips card holder and is timed for each one using the sand timer. If they answer correctly they win £100 (if they answer incorrectly play opens up to the other players). In addition, the host reveals one of the squares (in number order from 1 to 9) on the Bonus Catch Phrase frame for the player to have one guess at. The player who correctly guesses the Bonus Catch Phrase wins £300 (signifying the end of Round 1).

Round 2 is similar to Round 1 but is a 'Rapid Fire' round where all players play at the same time to be the first to guess each Catch Phrase before the timer is up. The first player to guess correctly wins £200. Five Regular cards are played in this round before moving on to Round 3. This last round is a 'Super Catch Phrase' round which involves the host putting down the Super Catch Phrase cards face-down on each of the six spaces on the Super Catch Phrase board. The cards are played one at a time (for all players to answer) starting from the bottom row upwards, and each row is worth a different amount of money - the bottom row wins £300, the middle row wins £400 and the top row wins £500.

The whole game finishes when each player has had a turn at being host - the player with the most money after all turns have been taken wins!

In our opinion, this is a really fun family game based on a much loved and popular television series, that will appeal to a wide age range.

BAD POINTS: The complexity and familiarity needed for some of the 'puzzles' means that many of the phrases will be lost on younger players, so it is really suited to older children and above. 

PRICE: £19.99


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