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Drumond Park The Best of British Board Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park The Best of British Board Game ( Park The Best of British

DESCRIPTION: A board game from the LOGO family based on Britain, suitable for two teams of any number or 2-6 individual players. Includes 1 x playing board, 6 x playing pieces, 400 x question cards and instructions. Suitable for children aged 12 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Best of British is the newest edition to the LOGO family of Drumond Park board games, and is a great family question-and-answer game for those who want to test their knowledge of all things British! 

The game can be played either individually or in teams, and while children at the lower end of the recommended age will certainly be able to answer the questions, mixed age-group teams will provide the best play to ensure a good range of knowledge.

The game consists of a thick fold-out circular game board, with a definitive start point which winds round in a spiral design to the central 'Winning zone' via a path of brightly coloured spaces (of which there are four different colours).

The questions are set out on four-hundred question cards, all contained within a handy little storage box. There are three types of question card - picture cards, common theme cards and pot luck cards - and each card contains four colour-banded questions which match the colours of the spaces on the board. 

Six cone-shaped playing counters are included in different colours and these are initially placed on the 'Start' space on the board. To play, a nominated 'Question Master' from each team takes turns to take a (shuffled) question card and ask the opposing team/ opponent each of the four questions on the card in order, which they must successfully answer to progress round the board.

If they answer the question correctly then they move to the next coloured space on the board which matches the colour of the question asked.

If they answer incorrectly then the Question Master is able to ask the same question to their own team for the chance of snatching an extra move round the board! The aim of the game is for the teams to get their counter to the 'Winning Zone' in the centre of the board, where they must successfully answer a bonus questions to win. 

In our opinion, this is a great family game with some really fun questions to test your knowledge on all aspects of British lifestyle, and the design of the game spaces makes for some nail-biting play!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £24.99


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