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Drumond Park The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park The Magic Tooth Fairy Game ( Park Magic Tooth Fairy

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game with a magic tooth fairy theme. Includes 1 x 'magic' bed, 1 x tooth fairy wand, 13 x gold coins, 1 x circular game board, 4 x mouths, 16 x teeth, 4 x playing pieces, 1 x wobbly tooth die, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This unique game will delight and entertain young children, and is sure to capture the imagination of any little girl or boy who have ever had a visit from the tooth fairy!

Most children of the recommended age range will be able to relate to the odd wobbly tooth or two, and this game is perfect for recreating the excitement that follows with a visit from the magical tooth fairy.

The game comes with some comprehensive instructions which explain all elements of the game, and is designed for use with up to four players.

The game includes a good quality sturdy fold-out circular board, and four coloured double-sided character game pieces, each with an integrated backpack. In addition, four plastic mouth structures, each with four plastic teeth which must be simply clipped into the mouth prior to play, and a brilliantly designed 'magic' bed with a lift-up padded pillow for depositing lost teeth which sits in the middle of the board during play. This bed not only has a built-in game spinner, but also has a slot on the headboard, into which thirteen gold coins (also provided!) must be placed prior to play. 

The game board is divided into sixteen large game spaces, each one brilliantly illustrated with brightly coloured cartoon-style pictures that children will love (no two illustrations the same!). There are three kinds of (clearly labelled) playing spaces on the board which dictate play: 'Wobbly Tooth' space, 'Go To Bed' space and 'Spin Again' space. 

To play, players choose a game piece and place it on the space nearest to them. To start, each player spins the spinner on the bed and moves their game piece round the board by the corresponding number of spaces. Landing on a 'Wobbly Tooth' space means the player has a woobly tooth and must decide if it can be pulled out by throwing the special illustrated 'fairy dice'. If the dice lands on a side with an orange background then the player was not successful in pulling the tooth out and their turn is over. If the dice lands on a side with a blue background then the player was successful in pulling out the tooth - they can now detach one of the teeth from their 'mouth' and place it in a fun backpack on the back of their game piece.

For the 'Go To Bed' space, if the player does not have a tooth in their backpack then their turn is over. If they do have a tooth, then they must find out if they remembered to put it under their pillow, determined by spinning the arrow on the bed. If it points to 2, 3 or 4 then the player did remember, and can now put their tooth under the fun little pillow, pushing the magic wand provided into the small slot on top of the bed, and taking out the gold coin that magically appears in its place!

Players that land on the 'Spin Again' space can simply spin the spinner again and move the corresponding number of spaces around the board, following the instruction of the space where they land. 

The winner of the game is the first player to swap all four of their wobbly teeth for gold coins. Note that to repay, the bed has a compartment on the underside from which previous lost teeth can be recovered!

In our opinion, this is another brilliant game from Drumond Park which has a simple fun concept and is quick and easy to set up. The wonderfully designed accessories really make the game and are great for stimulating young imaginations.

BAD POINTS: None, other than there are many small pieces to this game which may get lost over time, and no spare teeth are included.

PRICE: £19.99


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