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Drumond Park Wordsearch Junior

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Drumond Park Wordsearch JuniorPRODUCT: Drumond Park Wordsearch Junior (

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game aimed at introducing young children to identifying and recognising words and patterns. Includes 1 x Wordsearch board, 9 x double-sided games puzzle discs (18 games), 4 x 35 marking pieces (red, yellow, green, blue), and instructions. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Aimed at pre-schoolers and young children who are learning to read, the Wordsearch Junior game from Drumond Park is perfect for encouraging them to spot and recognise simple words and picture patterns.

The game is intended for play by up to a maximum of four players, and the accompanying instructions are detailed and easy to follow. There are various plastic components of the game which are easy to set up prior to play. These include a durable Wordsearch 'board' with four outer 'pockets' - one for each player - to hold the player's chosen colour marking pieces (small transparent curved discs in four different colours), and an inner circular transparent playing disc and separate ring that hold the games 'puzzles' in place during play. This playing disc is designed to hold the curved marking pieces (of which there are a decent number of each colour) and has nodules to enable it to be spun round.

There are three different types of puzzle to cater for different ages and capabilities, including picture pattern puzzles (series of three pictures to identify in the correct order), picture hint puzzles (words with pictures included) and word only puzzles. Each puzzle is themed and the patterns/words to find are printed around the outside of each puzzle disc. All may be hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a straight line. To assist young children, vowels and consonants are printed in different colours.

To begin play, players choose what colour marking pieces they will use, and the type of puzzle they will play. The chosen puzzle disc is then fitted in under the see-through playing disc, with the blue ring inserted on top. The blue ring has an open gap, and the playing disc should be rotated until only solid colour is showing in this space.

The first player rotates the playing disc clockwise until the first picture pattern or word is revealed in the gap. The pattern or word is called out and all players must then try to spot it on the puzzle as quickly as they can, shouting out/pointing out the answer once they have spotted it. If correct they can place their marking pieces on the playing disc over the identified pattern/word. 

The game continues until all patterns/words on the puzzle have been found. The winner is the player with the most marking chips on the playing disc at the end of the game.

This is a really well-designed and educational game which is ideal for both pre-schoolers and school-aged children to develop and practice pattern and letter recognition, as well as reading and writing skills in a fun way!

BAD POINTS: As the game progresses, the disc turns further round which means that players will see the board at different angles during the game - this may make play difficult for beginners or very young children.

PRICE: £18.99

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