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Early Learning Centre Bugs Building Game

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PRODUCT: Early Learning Centre Bugs Building GameELC Bugs Building Game

DESCRIPTION: A 1-2 player building blocks game, consisting of a set of 30 red, green and blue coloured bug building blocks, with the aim of building the bugs into a tower, and then rolling the dice to determine which bug to remove. Includes 1 x bug die and 1 x number die. Suitable for children aged 2-5 years.

GOOD POINTS: The ELC Bugs Building Game is a fun set of good quality and durable rectangular plastic 'bug' blocks, each with cute googly eyes. The blocks come in three bright colours (red, green and blue), which match the colours shown on the sides of the 'bug die'.

User instructions are clearly printed on the back of the box, and include two gaming options, the 'Stacking Game' mode and the 'Falling Tower Game' mode.

The aim of the 'Stacking Game' is to build the bug blocks up into a tower (this is best done in a particular order, using the picture on the back of the packaging as a guide), and then players take it in turns to throw the bug die to determine which colour of 'bug' they must remove from the stack without touching the other bugs. The first player to topple the tower over loses the game.

The aim of the 'Falling Tower Game' is to roll the numbered die and place the equivalent number of bug blocks on the table. The next player then rolls the die and stacks the shown number of blocks on top. Play continues in this way, with the aim of building the tower as tall as possible. The player who topples the tower loses.

The great thing about this product is that it is intended for use as a one-player as well as two-player game, and the instructions usefully include options for solitary play. Younger children will have much fun simply stacking and toppling the blocks, as well as making fun bug patterns and nose-to-tail bug trains...great for stimulation of the senses, and development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

BAD POINTS: The blocks must be packed in a certain way to get them to fit back into the box, which can be a little time-consuming.

PRICE: £10


Available from Early Learning Centre: Bugs Building Game


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