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Ideal Doggie Doo

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PRODUCT: Ideal Doggie Doo ( Adams Doggie Doo

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player game where children learn about looking after a dog by feeding, walking and scooping the poop! The first player to scoop three lots of poop wins! Contains 1 x dog with lead and pump, 1 x bone, 1 x die and sticker sheet, 4 x scoops, 1 x container of plasticine 'Dog Food', 1 x treat mould and Instructions. Game play is around 15 minutes. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: At first glance Doggie Doo may not seem the most fun of games for children to play, however it does aim to send kids a valuable message about the social responsibilities of dog ownership, and its release coincides perfectly with the 74th National Dog Week running 22nd-28th September 2011. Furthermore, before you get worried, there's no actual dog poop involved at all, just good old plasticine!

John Adams Doggie DooThe game contains a number of dog related pieces, the main focus being a large brown plastic dachshund, complete with large bobbly white eyes, black nose, oversized ears and a long red lead with a pump on the end. Other pieces include a yellow dog bone, four poop scoops (i.e. plastic shovels) in varying colours, a dog food container of bright yellow plasticine, a treat mould, and a game die.

Playing the game goes as follows: players take turns to mould plasticine doggie treats which they load into the dog's mouth. The player then positions his poop scoop under the dog's rear end, and then rolls the die. The number shown on the die is the number of times that the player must squeeze the lead (i.e. using the pump). Each squeeze pushes air through the dachshund which in turn gradually moves the plasticine through its 'digestive tract' (making a gassy sound as it does and wagging its tail), until it eventually comes out the other end and lands on the shovel! The winner is the first player to successfully scoop three lots of poop. It's not all straightforward though as rolling the die can also result in players skipping a turn or even trading shovels!

Despite the name, this is certainly a game with a difference, and one which provides lots of laughs (from the adults as well as the kids) while teaching kids a sensible lesson about cleaning up after a pet...makes a great memorable gift!



BAD POINTS: If only in reality it was always that easy to clear up dog poop! While the principals of the game and the message it tries to relate are admirable, the context of the game may not be to everybody's taste!

PRICE: Approx. £22.99


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