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Ideal Litter Bugs Game

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PRODUCT: Ideal Litter Bugs Game ( Litter Bugs

DESCRIPTION: A 2+ player game to try and put rubbish into the bin while letting the least amount of flies out! Contains 1 x vibrating rubbish bin with lid, 12 x pieces of rubbish, black and blue flies, stickers and instructions. Requires 2 x C batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 3 year upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Litter Bugs is a really fun game from Ideal that preschool children in particular will love.

The game consists of a great little green plastic rubbish bin complete with side handles and hinged blue lid, along with twelve pieces of coloured plastic rubbish which are shaped to look like everyday items including an egg box, milk carton, jam jar, sardine tin, and banana skin to name a few. A sheet of fun colourful stickers is included to decorate both the rubbish pieces and the front of the bin...with a big smiley face! The game is battery operated (batteries not included) and the battery compartment can be found on the underside of bin - a screwdriver will be required for this.

A number of small moulded black and blue flies are also included with the game, which need to be placed prior to play in the narrow 'gutter' running round the inside of the bin, shutting the lid afterwards. The twelve pieces of rubbish also need to be divided between the players.

Once the game is set up, the rubbish bin is switched on to make it start vibrating (via a small on/off switch on the front) and each player then takes turns to lift the lid of the bin and put their rubbish into the central well. Every so often some of the flies in the gutter will be thrown out (although nobody knows when!) and if this happens to a player as they open the lid then they must keep those flies. The lid must be properly closed after each turn, and once all the pieces of rubbish have been put into the bin, each player counts the number of flies they have acquired. The winner is the player with the least flies!

Note that the instructions sheet also contains a couple of alternative ways to play the game using points or colours coding. In addition, when not in use all the loose items can be stored inside the bin to keep them safe.

This is a great game with a simple and easy-to-understand design that preschoolers in particular will have great fun playing. It has plenty of variety for play, and is excellent for encouraging turn-taking, interaction and communication in young children.

BAD POINTS: No batteries are included and must be purchased separately, although rechargeable batteries can be used. The bin is quite noisy when switched on. The flies are small and, as with any such game, may get lost over time.

PRICE: Approx. £17.99


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