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John Adams Rubik's Race Board Game

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PRODUCT: John Adams Rubik's Race Board Game ( Adams Rubik's Race

DESCRIPTION: A 2-player face-to-face board game where players must match the pattern of nine coloured squares before their opponent. Includes game base, hinged frame, 48 x coloured tiles, Scrambler dice shaker and instructions. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Rubik's Race is a great take on the classic and very popular 80's Rubik's Cube, and makes a fantastic travel game to keep young (and old!) kids entertained whether on holiday or en route!

The game comes in several pieces on purchase and required a small amount of assembly prior to use - namely fixing the hinged frame to the game base pieces which is very simple to do. The game base is made up of two generously sized trays, with the upright hinged frame acting as a divide between the opponents. Each player then takes twenty-four large flat coloured tiles (six different colours, four of each colour) and places them randomly in their tray. There will be one empty space left in each tray.

John Adams Rubiks RaceThe game also includes a small cube-shaped Scrambler - a plastic base with a transparent casing - and nine miniature coloured cubes which sit inside it (each side of each cube represents one of the six colours of the game tiles). The casing of the Scrambler snaps securely on and off to enable these mini cubes to be placed inside prior to initial use.

To start the game, one of the players shakes the Scrambler, with their hand covering it at all times, so that the cubes settle into place in a mixed-up random template. Once the pattern is revealed, the two players race against each other to slide their own tiles around until the nine tiles in the centre of their tray match the coloured pattern in the Scrambler. The players must complete the pattern exactly as they see it from their position. The first player to match the pattern slams down the hinged frame (onto their own completed grid) and wins the game!

This game has a wonderfully simple but very effective design which provides a brilliant quick-thinking, quick-fingered face-to-face challenge that kids will love. With endless Scrambler pattern possibilities, the game is incredibly addictive (for parents as well as children), and the back of the instructions leaflet provides several great ideas for varying play...we love it!

BAD POINTS: The game does not fold up and so must be disassembled following use. No carry/storage case is included. The game is probably a little complicated for children at the younger end of the recommended age range.

PRICE: Approx. £18.99


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