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John Adams Telestrations Game

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PRODUCT: John Adams Telestrations Game ( )John Adams Telestrations

DESCRIPTION: A 4-8 player 'Chinese Whispers' style drawing game, where you draw what you see, then guess what you saw! Includes 100 x word cards (containing over 1,100 words), 8 x erasable sketch books, 8 x dry-wipe markers, 8 x clean-up cloths, 1 x 60 second sand timer, 1 x die, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Telestrations is a brand new game from John Adams which is brilliantly fun for all the family, so put pen to paper and get creative!

The game is a novel twist on the classic 'Chinese Whispers' game, and is well designed to enable up to eight players to compete at a time, meaning no excuses for friends and family not to get involved!

To set up, each player takes a black dry-wipe marker, a clean-up cloth and an erasable 'sketch book'. Each sketch book is identical in content - except for its coil binding which varies in colour to differentiate between players - and consists of glossy pages which are organised by numbered tabs at the bottom for ease of turning. Players can write their name in the allocated space on the front of the book.

Each player is then dealt a double-sided word card, having decided in advance whether to play 'this side' or 'that side' (note there is no difference in game play between the sides!), with each side displaying six random words.

A player is selected to roll the die to determine which word from their card each player must draw first, i.e. the number rolled is matched to the corresponding dice illustration on the card. Each player then discretely writes their chosen word in the front of their sketch book and flips straight over to page 1 ('sketch it') where they must then secretly (and hilariously!) draw the word in picture format - the game includes a sand timer which must be turned at the start of the sketching session to give players just one minute to complete their drawings!

Once time is up, players must immediately turn over to page 2 ('guess it') to hide their sketch, and pass their book to the player on their left, who then takes a few moments to secretly flip back to the sketch to try and guess what word has been drawn (writing it in the designated space provided). This player then flips forward to page 3 ('sketch it') and passes the sketch book to the next player on their left, who then attempts to draw the 'guessed' word of the previous player...and so on!

All players continue to sketch, pass and guess until they receive their own book back, following which they can amusingly reveal whether the end guessed word is anything like the original!

The accompanying instructions leaflet is very comprehensive, and details all stages of the game as well as variations on play, helpful game hints and also options for keeping score - note that a score sheet if provided on the inside cover of the sketch book.

Once the game is complete, the pages of the sketch book can simply be wiped clean using the special little cloths provided, ready to play again. And with one hundred game cards and over one thousand words to choose from, your drawing possibilities are endless!

In our opinion, Telestrations is a really novel game for children and adults alike, with a simple design that makes for some highly amusing play...perfect for rainy day family fun, dinner party entertainment or a mums or dads get-together!

BAD POINTS: The clean-up cloths are a little small. Also, it took a few moments tofully digest the instructions, but once play began it all clicked into place!

PRICE: Approx. £24.99


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