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LEGO Creationary

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PRODUCT:  LEGO Creationary ( Creationary

DESCRIPTION:  A 3-8 player creative building game, where players must take turns to build LEGO models from preset categories, for other players to guess what they are. Contains 1 x buildable LEGO dice, 1 x LEGO minifigure, 1 x LEGO microfigure, 338 x LEGO pieces, 96 x picture cards, and rule booklet. Game play is approximately 30-60 minutes. Suitable for children aged 7 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS:  The LEGO Creationary game is a truly unique interactive building game with multiple play options and changeable rules, and is great fun for playing with family and friends, either individually or in teams.

The general idea of the game is that players must build predetermined objects and structures from LEGO, while the other players try and guess what they are building. Points are scored for both building and scoring, and the winner is the player with the highest score.

The game includes a large number of LEGO bricks and building pieces (of different shapes, sizes and colours), plus a number of other accessories such as wheels and LEGO figures to enable a range of creative builds.

A 'blank' LEGO dice with rubber sides is included, which your child can have fun building up prior to play using the six individual tiles provided. Each tile has a different colour and symbol which relate to various category options. These categories are Nature, Buildings, Things, Vehicles, Choose and Double.

Lego CreationaryA large set of game cards are also provided, which are divided into easy, medium and hard level to suit building ability, and must be placed face down in their own piles. Each card contains four colour-coded pictures which correspond to the 'Nature', 'Buildings', 'Things' and 'Vehicles' categories on the dice; in other words, the category thrown on the dice determines the picture on the card that the player must build. If the dice lands on 'Choose', the player has free choice of which category they wish to play, while 'Double' gives the builder and guesser an opportunity to gain double points if the creation is correctly guessed.

The great feature of this games is that it lends itself to varying guessing options and game alternatives, all of which are described in detail in the accompanying instructions booklet. For example,

Mode 1: One player builds while the other players guess
Mode 2: One player guesses while the other players build
Mode 3: Team play, where one player builds and the other players in their team guess
Mode 4: Collaborative play, where players within a team make as many builds and correct guesses as possible within a preset time limit.

In addition, the game encourages young children to use their imagination to make up their own rules, from changing the number of points scored or the difficulty played, to swapping one of the tiles on the dice for a blank one, where a forfeit must be played if the player lands on it, e.g. building with one hand, or with eyes closed etc.

A special little tool is included with the game to help detach tiles from the LEGO dice, and the game box has a handy tray with compartments, into which the LEGO pieces can be colour-sorted to facilitate play.

In our opinion, this is a wonderfully fun, challenging and well thought-out game, which has some great innovative features, along with multiple game play options to suit age and capability. The game is perfect for promoting creativity and problem-solving, and for encouraging children to think outside of the box!

BAD POINTS:  The game may become slow as you wait for each player (particularly younger players) to build, however, this can be overcome by simply changing the way the game is played! In addition, dependent on how many players you have, the game may become far more lengthy than the suggested playing time. The game is quite pricey, and there are a limited number of bricks and pieces in the box, however you could always supplement the game with other LEGO sets!

PRICE:  £24.99


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