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Orchard Toys Tummy Ache

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Official testerPRODUCT: Orchard Toys Tummy Ache ( Toys Tummy Ache

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player food-based game, with the aim of putting an edible meal on a plate! Includes 4 jigged place setting boards, 20 x food cards, 10 x tummy ache cards, and an instructions leaflet. Suitable for children aged 3 -10 years.

GOOD POINTS: Beware fussy eaters! Tummy Ache is a brilliantly designed board game for young children, where they must build their own (edible) meal from a variety of food cards, but watch out for the rotten ones!

Great for encouraging social interaction, the game consists of a set of sturdy cards, including four place setting boards for 'serving' the food (including drink, main course and dessert settings), and twenty food cards including all your child's favourite savoury and sweet foods!

But beware...the game also contains a number of cards ('Tummy Ache' cards) containing dishes that are not quite so tempting!

As usual with Orchard Toys products, the cards are brilliantly illustrated with plenty of colour and deal to engage young children.

To play, each player takes a place setting card, while the food and 'Tummy Ache' cards are shuffled and placed face down in a pile. 

Players take turns to  take a card from the top of the pile and place it in the correct setting on their playing board. But if the player picks up a 'Tummy Ache' card and the correct space on their place setting is empty, the player must place the card in that space.

If the correct space is already full however, then the 'Tummy Ache' card can be discarded. If a player takes a food card and the correct space is already filled with another food card or a 'Tummy Ache' card, then they can discard the one they don't want with the new card.

The winner is the first player to fill their board with five cards which make an edible meal!

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the packaging is fun and appealing to young children.

A great present this Christmas!

BAD POINTS: None, other than there are lots of separate pieces which may be easily lost over time, as with any such game. 

PRICE: £9.50


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