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Orchard Toys Veg Patch Match

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Official testerPRODUCT: Orchard Toys Veg Patch Match ( Toys Veg Patch Match

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player matching and memory skills game, with the aim of being the first to match your veg patch to the central veg patch board! Includes 8 x large double-sided veg patch cards with fruit and veg facts, 40 x small veg patch cards, 4 x Mr Sprout cards and an instructions leaflet. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Aimed primarily at school aged children, the Orchard Toys Veg Patch Match game is a really educational little game which offers a great way to reinforce matching and memory skills as well as teaching children some great fruit and vegetable facts!

The game consists of eight large and forty small very sturdy wedge-shaped 'veg patch' cards, each of which displays one of eight fruit or vegetable pictures on the front (i.e. apple, blueberry, lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, tomato, raspberry or pumpkin). The illustrations are wonderfully colourful and detailed to appeal to a younger audience, and each of the larger cards has accompanying fun facts about the pictured fruit or vegetable on the reverse that kids will love to learn about. There are also four 'Mr Sprout' cards which can be used to change play!

To play, any four of the large veg patch cards are chosen and arranged face up to form a circular veg patch board. The small veg patch cards (along with the Mr Sprout' cards) are shuffled and spread out, face down, on the table. Each player choses any four from the table and arranges them, face up, to form a small circular veg patch!

The idea is for players to match the central veg patch by swapping cards in and out of play. Players take it in turns to choose one of the small cards from their veg patch which they do not need and place it face down on the table. They then pick up another card to replace it. If however they pick up a 'Mr Sprout' card, they add it to their veg patch and can use it to replace one of the larger veg patch cards from the central board with another of their choice!

The winner is the first player to match all four cards in their small veg patch to the large central veg patch! 

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and as always the game comes in an attractively packaged box with a useful 'educational guide' on the reverse. There is also an alternative game suggestion to simplify play for younger children.

In our opinion, this is a really fun little game for young children, with a great educational twist!

BAD POINTS: None, other than there are lots of separate pieces which may be easily lost over time, as with any such game. 

PRICE: £7.50


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