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Orchard Toys What a Performance!

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Official testerPRODUCT: Orchard Toys What a Performance! ( Toys What a Performance!

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game that promotes fun interaction between players through simple challenges and forfeits. Consists of 1 x jigged game board, 77 x activity cards, 4 x game counters, 1 x spinner, 1 x dice and shaker, 1 x magic decoder, 1 sand timer and a set of instructions. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This is a fun game for all the family which has you doing all manner of silly challenges, including performing various actions, miming, and making funny noises. The game set includes four jigged pieces which fits together like a puzzle to make a colourful oval-shaped game board. The activity cards are shuffled and placed face down. Each player chooses a counter piece and places it on the ‘Start’ position.

The players take turns to roll the dice and moves their counter around the board accordingly. If they land on a blue square, play passes to the next player. If the square they land on shows an activity (i.e. ‘Action!’, ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Make a noise!’), the player takes an activity card from the top of the pile and follows the relevant instructions. If the player lands on a ‘Spin it’ square then they use the spinner to reveal which activity they must complete. The player who successfully completes their task/ correctly guesses another’s activity in the time moves their counter forward one square.

If no player guesses correctly, or the player does not want to do the activity on the card, they must perform the forfeit on the back of the card. The great feature here is that the player must use the magic decoder to read aloud their forfeit – this is simply done by running it over the card to reveal the hidden instructions. The winner is the first player to reach the ‘Finish’ star.

This really is a great game which can be playes in teams as well as individually, and is ideal for building a child's confidence. Additionally the game is excellent for encouraging language, communication and interactive skills, along with teaching your child about taking turns and following instructions.

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £15.95

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