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Orchard Toys What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

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Official testerPRODUCT: Orchard Toys What's the Time, Mr Wolf? (www.orchardtoys.comOrchard Toys Whats the Time Mr Wolf

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game which helps teach children how to tell the time. Includes 1 x jigged playing board, 20 x double sided square cards, 4 x jigged double sided collection boards, 1 x large clock face with movable hands, 1 x slot-together 3D wolf, 1 x dice, 4 x animal character playing pieces, 4 x character stands and an instructions leaflet. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: What better way to teach your child how to tell the time than with this fun and educational new game from Orchard Toys. What's the Time, Mr Wolf? is (by its very name) a game all kids can relate to, and will allow them to develop both analogue and digital time telling skills, with game play options to cater for both younger and older children.

Aimed at school-aged children, the game consists of a number of sturdy card components that will stand up well to child's play, including a jigged central playing board and player collection boards (all of which your child will love putting together prior to play), a large clock face with moveable hands and a set of animal character playing pieces; in addition, some 'punch-out' double sided clock cards which show a digital time on one side and analogue clock on the other (showing the matching time).

All the components are wonderfully colourful and feature plenty of cute animal themed illustrations to keep your child engaged.

Orchard Toys Whats the Time Mr WolfTo play, players take turns to roll a dice and move their playing piece round the squares on the game board. Where they land on a clock square, they chose a digital clock card and try and match the hands on the large clock face to show this time.

When they have positioned the clock hands, they can turn over the clock card to the analogue clock picture to see if the position of the clock hands match. If they do, then the player can place the clock card on their collection board.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to fill their collection board....but watch out for 'Mr Wolf' - if you land on him you'll have to give up one of your cards and feed it to the fun 3D wolf!

The game comes in an attractively packaged box with a useful 'educational guide' on the reverse, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, giving some adapted game play rules for more experienced players!

This is, in our opinion, a really well designed and effective game for school children that teaches them essential skills in a fun way.

BAD POINTS: None, other than there are lots of separate pieces which may be easily lost over time, as with any such game. 

PRICE: £9.50


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