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Orchard Toys Where's My Cupcake?

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Official testerPRODUCT: Orchard Toys Where's My Cupcake? ( Toys Wheres My Cupcake

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player cupcake-themed board game, with the objective for players to match and collect as many cupcakes as possible on their plate! Contains 4 x plate boards, 40 x cupcake cards, 1 x recipe board and instructions. Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Where's My Cupcake? is yet another wonderfully produced game from Orchard Toys and, like the others in the range, is original, entertaining and educational.

The game has a cupcake theme to it which may appeal more to preschool girls. As always, the detail in the design is excellent, with tough durable card game pieces and plenty of bright colourful illustration to visually engage your child.

The game has a simple design for up to four players, and consists of four cute plate boards (complete with coloured serviettes), and forty cupcake cards showing ten deliciously illustrated cupcake designs with varying toppings and cake cases (four of each design).

Prior to play each player chooses a plate board, and one of each of the ten cupcake cards is spread face up on the table. The remaining cupcake cards are shuffled and placed face down in a pile.

To play, each player picks up the top card from the pile. If the card matches one of the face-up cards on the table, they get to keep the matching pair which they place face up on their plate board. If the card matches the top cupcake card on their own plate, they can add it to their pile. If the card matches one of the top cupcake cards on another player's plate, they can offer it politely to that player - thereby promoting the idea of sharing and manners!

Orchard Toys Wheres My CupcakeIf the card does not match any cupcake cards in play, it is placed face up with the other cards on the table. Play then passes to the next player, and continues until there are no more cards in the pile. The winner is determined by the player who has the most cupcake cards on their plate board at the end of play.

Another wonderful feature of the game is that it includes a recipe board which gives all the ingredients and instructions for you and your child to try making your very own cupcakes....these ones will hopefully be edible! In addition, the reverse of the recipe board shows the ten different cupcake designs to assist younger children in setting up the game.

We love the Where's My Cupcake? game from Orchard Toys! It has a simple game design perfect for preschool children, whilst offering many developmental benefits including observation and matching skills, as well as encouraging plenty of communication, interaction and co-operation. A great gift for little girls and birthdays!

BAD POINTS: None, other than there are lots of separate pieces which may be easily lost over time. Orchard Toys do however offer a very useful replacement service for any elements of their games (excluding puzzles) that do go missing!

PRICE: £7.50

Available from Amazon: Orchard Toys Where's My Cupcake?alt

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