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University Games 5 Second Rule

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PRODUCT: University Games 5 Second Rule ( Games 5 Second Rule

DESCRIPTION: A quick-thinking 3-6 player board game, where players have five seconds to think of three answers to a series of questions in order to move round the board and be the first to pass the finish line! Includes 1 x playing board, 1 x spiral tower, 6 x playing pawns, 376 x question cards, 12 x PASS ON cards, 12 x SWITCH cards, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: University Games 5 Second Rule is a really fun family game that will certainly exercise the brain and keep you on your toes!

The game consists of a good quality fold-out game board with a numbered start-finish grid laid out in the number '5'. The game can accommodate up to six players at a time and contains a corresponding number of coloured playing pawn pieces. Each player chooses a coloured pawn and places it on the 'START' position. The player to their right takes a card (a handy card box is provided) and reads the question aloud to the 'hot seat' player. All questions begin with "Name 3...' and cover a range of categories, for example, "Name 3 things beginning with the letter 'B'", "Name 3 numbers that add up to 100", 'Name 3 yellow foods" etc. The player then has five seconds to give their three answers aloud, timed using a great little spiral timer with tiny silver balls which twist down to the bottom - the timer even makes a fun kazoo-like sound effect upon flipping over, which intentionally or not, signifies the start of the five second time period!

University Games 5 Second Rule If the player correctly gives three answers within the time, they move forward one space on the board and play passes to the next player; if they don't manage to give three answers (even if they give one of two correct answers), they stay where they are on the board and the same question is then asked to the next player...this is easier said than done, as they must provide three answers that have not already been mentioned. Play will progress like this until a player can provide three correct (and different) answers, upon which they move forward a space and play continues with a fresh question. The winner of the game is the first player to reach the 'FINISH'.

There are a couple of fun twists to the game, in the form of special 'PASS ON' and 'SWITCH' cards. Each player is dealt two of each of these cards prior to starting the game, and they can choose to use them by calling out either 'PASS ON' or 'SWITCH' immediately after hearing their question.

In the case of 'PASS ON', the player to the left of the 'hot seat' player must instead answer the question; if they get it right, they get to move their pawn a space on the board, but if they get it wrong, the original player moves forwards a space. In the case of 'SWITCH', the 'hot seat' player can 'duck' the question and change it for a new one if they feel that cannot answer. In addition, there is a 'DANGER ZONE' space on the board where, upon reaching, players must give three correct answers on their next go or they miss a turn!

The rules of the game are certainly simple enough for children (of the recommended age range) to pick up straight away, and there are a large enough number of double-sided question cards (and indeed possible answers) to ensure play never becomes repeated or boring. In addition, the range of question categories is sufficient to appeal to children and grown-ups alike.

This is, in our opinion, a really simple but addictive and fast-paced game that your child can enjoy playing with family or friends, and the real fun lies in the many flustered and hilariously funny answers that players will come up with under the added pressure of the twisting timer and the watchful eye of the other players! A real must-have family game which makes a great gift.

BAD POINTS: Some of the questions are general-knowledge based and so may be fairly difficult for children at the lower end of the recommended age limit to answer.

PRICE: £19.99


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