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University Games Pointless Board Game

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PRODUCT: University Games Pointless Board Game ( Games Pointless

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game based on the Pointless television game show on BBC, where players must find the least popular answers to questions to score the least number of points! Includes 4 x pencils, 1 x answer sheets pad, 338 x questions, 1 x Pointless cardboard trophy, 9 x Head to Head tokens, 27 x Pointless trophy tokens, 3 x question card holders, 1 x scoreboard playing board, 8 x playing pieces, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 10 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're a fan of the very popular 'Pointless' television quiz show, then the accompanying board game is an absolute must!

For those already familiar with the quiz show, then the board game and its components will be more or less self-explanatory, however those new to the game are likely to need a good few reads of the instructions to fully understand how to play. The instructions themselves are indeed very comprehensive, and there are a number of different elements to the game which require some quite detailed explanation to try to get to grips with.

Having said that, the game lends itself well to both individual and team play (from as few as two players through to large numbers who can team up), and once you are used to the format it really is a fun game which will provide much entertainment for friends and family.

For those who are not familiar with the game, players are asked a series of general knowledge questions, laid out in rounds, which have been previously surveyed to a group of 100 people. The aim in each round is not only to choose a correct answer, but also one which was least popular among those surveyed. The lower the score the better, with correct answers that the survey sample did not think of carrying a maximum zero points!

The game includes a number of components. Firstly, a decent quantity of double-sided question cards to limit repetition, covering a good variety of categories and topics to challenge any self-confessed 'expert'; a set of plastic wallets to hold the question cards during play dependent on the round; a pad of answer sheets (also double-sided), complete with a set of 'Pointless' pencils, for players to keep track of their scores in each round; a fold-out game board, which is not necessarily needed for play but adds a nice touch, particularly if you introduce your own sound effects to indicate how far down the scoreboard a player's answer has managed to get them; and a number of game tokens which can be won by the lowest-scoring players during play, not forgetting the ultimate (cardboard) Pointless Trophy for the overall winner!

In our opinion, the Pointless board game is a fun and exciting game which is not overpriced and is likely to be most popular among existing fans of the quiz show. While it is impossible to recreate every aspect of the televised show, including the natural flow and tension that such a television setting can produce, the game does a good job of allowing players to re-enact their favourite programme, and certainly lends itself to being adapted to cater for differing ages and skills.

BAD POINTS: Instructions are lengthy and quite over-complicated if you don't watch the quiz show, and there are no storage boxes to hold the questions cards. Although recommended for 10+ years, it is likely that younger children will struggle to answer many of the questions.

PRICE: £19.99

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