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University Games Smart Ass Board Game

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PRODUCT: University Games Smart Ass Board Game ( Games Smart Ass

DESCRIPTION: A 2-8 player party board game, where players must answer questions as quickly as possible from the clues provided, and be the first to reach 'The End' on the Smart Ass's behind! Includes 1 x game board, 8 x 'Smart Ass' playing pieces, 500+ questions, 1 x jumbo category die, 1 x jumbo movement die, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 12 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Smart Ass is a brilliantly fun trivia-style game with wonderfully simple rules and a large player capacity which makes it perfect for parties and family get-togethers!

The game consists of a good quality fold-out board with a large picture of 'Smart Ass' and a circular trail of game spaces round the outside, leading round to 'The End' finishing space (which happens to be on Smart Ass's rear!). The game includes eight numbered 'Smart Ass' playing pieces and accompanying coloured stands, along with two unique twelve-sided die, one numbered to determine moves around the board, and the other coloured to determine question categories. 

A decent number of question cards are also included, split into four colour categories which each have a designated place on the game board: 'What Am I?' (blue), 'Where Am I?' (green), ''Who Am I?'(orange) and 'Hard Ass' (red). Each of these decks contains ten clues on each card (which get easier and easier), except the 'Hard Ass' cards which contain two questions each.

The rules of play are really easy....Player 1 (as determined by the number on the play piece) starts by throwing the coloured die to determine the question category, and then reads out the clues on the corresponding question card until one of the other players correctly guesses the answer. Players do not have to wait their turn to answer - they can simply call out at any time and after any clue.

If a player guesses wrongly then they are out of the round, but if they answer correctly then they can roll the numbered die to determine how many spaces they can move forward on the board...but watch out for 'Dumb Ass', 'Hard Ass' and 'Kick Ass' spaces which throw in penalties and bonus questions to hinder progress!

The winner is the first player to land on 'The End' space.

The game enables a really generous number of players to take part, and also lends itself quite nicely to team play, as well as adaptation for younger players.

In our opinion, this is a fun fast-paced quiz game with a simple but effective design for some great group entertainment.

BAD POINTS: Not suitable for younger children, and is really best played with more than two players. Children at the younger end of the recommended age range may be less able to answer a lot of the questions.

PRICE: £19.99

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