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Usborne - Spooky Snap Card Game

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PRODUCT: Usborne - Spooky Snap Card Game ( Spooky Snap

DESCRIPTION: A 52-card matching game with an 'spooky' theme. The pack contains 13 different designs in matching sets of 4, including among others pictures of witches, bats, spiders, skeletons, cauldrons and ghosts. Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This is one in a wide range of Usborne themed versions of the classic family snap card game, with a wonderfully fun and creepy Halloween theme to appeal to fans of all things spooky!

The box contains a full deck of cards (all with a fun ghost-pattern backing) which are considerably larger in size than standard playing cards, making them easy for young children to hold.

There are thirteen matching sets of four cards in the pack, in lovely bright striking colours, and with fun and gentle 'spooky' illustrations of Halloween-related people, animals and objects, including a flying witch, a swooping bat, a black cat, a crazy monster and a bubbling cauldron to name just a few! Descriptive words underneath the pictures help young children to recognise and match words and objects.

The rules of play are straightforward and are printed on the reverse of the card box: the cards are shuffled and dealt out face-down to the players. The players take turns to turn over their top card and place it face-up in a pile in the middle of the table. If a card matches the one below, the first player to should 'Snap!' wins the whole middle pile. The winner is the last player left in the game!

A nice bonus feature of this game is that it can be tailored to your child's age and ability, for example, by reducing the number of cards for younger players, or simply laying out all the cards face down and finding matching pairs.

This is a really simple but fun and effective card matching game that preschool children will love playing with friends and family, and which offers many developmental benefits including sorting and matching skills, memory-building, social interaction, and even reading and counting skills...a must-have for Halloween fun!

BAD POINTS: The cards are quite flimsy and, as with any playing cards, could be bent or torn by small hands!

PRICE: £4.99


Available from Amazon: Usborne Spooky Snap


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