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ZooBooKoo Cupcake Dice Maths Game

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PRODUCT: ZooBooKoo Cupcake Dice Maths Game ( Cupcake Dice Maths Game

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player mental maths game, including 3 x large dice, 3 x plastic cupcake rewards, 1 x travel bag and instructions. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This is a quick, simple, and very educational little game which helps to reinforce your child's mathematics in a fun and rewarding way.

Aimed at school aged children of at least 6 years upwards, the game's cupcake design will appeal more to girls, although there are alternative 'Dino Dice' and 'Dude Dice' designs for boys.

The game consists of three large chunky plastic dice, two of which are identically numbered (with sides numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10), and one which contains the all-important maths symbols to test your child's multiplication, subtraction, and addition. In addition, three adorably designed colourful plastic cupcakes (which look good enough to eat!) are included as prizes for players to win at the end of each round.

So, play itself is really simple...each player rolls all three dice together and works out the displayed sum, saying the answer aloud and keeping note of the score (the score being the same as the answer to the sum).

When all players have thrown, the player with the highest score wins the round and a 'cupcake'.  Note that the 'maths' die also has the word 'Aaahh!' displayed on two of its sides - if this is thrown on the first throw then the player can roll the dice again, but if it happens a second time, the player is out of the round.

Play continues for two more rounds until each of the cupcakes has been won. After this, play-offs take place involving only those players who have won cupcakes, the idea being that the player with the highest score on a round takes a cupcake from the player with the lowest score. Winning all three cupcakes signifies the end of the game!

The game comes with some easy-to-follow instructions which cover all rules of play, and even includes an alternative 'extender' level game for older or more competent mathematicians! What's more, a black drawstring bag is included to keep all the game's components safe when not being used, making it the perfect travel game.

In our opinion, this is a really neat little game that is cleverly designed to make it suitable for all the family, as well as providing an excellent learning support for young children. 

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £7 available from GLTC only


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