Outwell Coolbox 40 Ltr 12V/230V

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PRODUCT: Outwell Coolbox 40 Ltr 12V/230V (www.outwell.com)Outwell Coolbox 40 Ltr

DESCRIPTION: A large thermoelectric cooler designed for use with a DC vehicle plug socket or a 230V AC mains supply. Features include two carry handles, wheels, split lid, two removable inside dividers, cable storage compartment, high performance insulation and double fan. Includes DC cable, AC mains power cable and instructions. Dimensions are 56cm x 38cm x 42cm, weight 8.4kg.

GOOD POINTS: If there is such thing as a cool coolbox, then this is most definitely it! The 40 Ltr Coolbox from Outwell has it all - size, portability, functionality, versatility and performance. While this cooler is certainly at the top end of the budget, its design and features go a fair way to justifying the price, making it a great (luxury) appliance to take on family picnics, camping and caravaning holidays, and even boating trips.

Although surprisingly lightweight, the cooler is a substantial size (don't forget to account for this when packing your camping gear into the car!), and comes with a double fan and air vents to allow heat to be dissipated, along with thick insulated walls and lid to keep the contents cooled at approximately 20°C below the outside temperature.

The coolbox includes the relevant power cables to enable the box to be connected up to either a 230V AC mains supply, or a DC vehicle electrics socket of a car (e.g. a cigarette lighter), boat or caravan (although the corresponding voltage specification needs to be checked). An 'eco' mode (compared to the standard 'max' mode) can also be switched on as required to save power during cooler temperatures, e.g. at night time. When the cables are no longer required, they pack away into a clever integrated storage compartment in the lid, revealed by sliding the top of the fan cover across.

To facilitate transportation of the coolbox and its contents, easy-to-find grab handles are located on either end of the box. Alternatively, one of the handles has a fold-out extension, which together with the two wheels on the underneath, enables it to be towed like a suitcase - a welcome feature bearing in mind its size and capacity.

The interior of the coolbox is indeed spacious, with two dividers at one end to assist in separating/organising family foodstuffs and other refrigerated items. The box is deep enough to stand a 2Ltr bottle of drink, and there is even a designated well in the base and lid to accommodate the bottle and prevent it from moving around or falling over.

The lid of the coolbox is hinged and very secure, and has a great split opening design which, if required, enables one end of the lid only to be lifted for quick and easy access, and more importantly minimal exposure to outside temperatures. 

One of the best features of the coolbox (in our opinion) is its ability to be turned up onto its end and used as a conventional fridge, with the lid acting as the door (either whole or split function), and the dividers acting as shelves!

The Outwell 40 Ltr Coolbox is, in our opinion, a brilliant appliance with a versatile design and well thought-out features that are practical and convenient for family camping. 

BAD POINTS: The coolbox is expensive, and quite noisy when switched on. Unlike conventional coolboxes, this one should not be exposed to wet conditions!

PRICE: £164.99

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