Outwell Dawson Picnic Table

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PRODUCT: Outwell Dawson Picnic Table (www.outwell.com)Outwell Dawson Picnic Table

DESCRIPTION: An all-in-one fold-out family picnic table and chairs, with bamboo tabletop, aluminium frame and carry handles. Dimensions are 150 x 86 x 67cm (open size) and 86 x 36 x 10cm (folded size), weight 12.9kg, max. load 50kg (table) and 100kg (chairs).

GOOD POINTS: If you're looking for a picnic table and chairs set that is compact and portable enough to take on those all important family camping trips without compromising on quality, then look no further than the Outwell Dawson Picnic Table.

While there are several similar styles of picnic table available on the market, the Dawson is far more substantial than most, and this is rightly reflected in the price. The set consists of a square shaped stylish brown bamboo tabletop, with contrasting aluminium arm supports that branch out on opposite ends of the table and integrate four matching bamboo seats into the supporting frame. As it is the seat structures that support the central table, there are no unnecessary table legs to limit sitting space, and eight plastic feet on the seat legs protect mats and groundsheets from being damaged!

The Dawson Picnic Table is designed to be easy to use, and folds in half (with the frame and seats folded up compactly inside each half) to form its own compact carry case, complete with two heavy duty carry handles and two locks to keep the 'case' securely closed during transportation.

Once you have erected the table a couple of times, you will find it incredibly quick and easy to set up, even without instructions - although mind your fingers, as with any such folding design it can be easy to catch them...definitely not for kids to try! The two halves of the table fold down flat, and each of the four seat legs is pulled up into a horizontal position, secured in place by sturdy plastic support brackets with sliding locks. The seat units themselves then fold out from each table half until their hinges lock into place, and upon uprighting the table is then ready to use! There is even a plastic insert which pops into a hole in the centre of the table to support a sun parasol.

Due to the design of the table there is some flex when fully assembled (which is to be expected), however it is a great deal more stable and sturdy than the cheaper alternatives, and quite capable of withstanding four adult loads!

In our opinion, this is a great portable picnic table which is ideal for family mealtimes, and is of an excellent durable quality to ensure it lasts many camping trips.

BAD POINTS: The table is quite heavy and more pricey than other such picnic tables, but you get good quality for your money.

PRICE: £85.99

Available from Amazon: Dawson Picnic Tablealt

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