Outwell Superior 400LX-R Camping Lamp

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PRODUCT: Outwell Superior 400LX-R Camping Lamp (www.outwell.com)

Outwell Superior 400LX-R Camping Lamp

DESCRIPTION: A powerful weather-resistant hand-held camping lantern which uses four NICHIA LEDs. Features include three light functions and dimmer, remote control unit with flashlight, carry handle and hanging function (hooks included). Lantern requires 6 x D batteries (not included) and the remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). Brightness equivalent to 400 lumens, with approx. 35 hours of operating time.

GOOD POINTS: The Outwell Superior 400LX-R is, as the name suggests, certainly a lamp to surpass all others, and while the price may be at the top end of your budget, its high quality design and practical features are almost impossible to fault.

Perfect for those family camping trips, the portable Superior 400LX-R has a modern and heavy-duty look and feel to it, and a sturdy flip-up carry handle with shaped finger grips makes it comfortable and easy to transport.

The base unit of the lantern is metallic grey, and is covered with a substantial rubber 'coat' around the sides and bottom (as well as around the 'shield') which protects it not only from knocks, but also from the good old wet British weather! The base unit is large in size to hold the six (yes six!) batteries that the lamp requires, and the base cap simply twists off to allow easy replacement. The approximate operating time is estimated to be around thirty-five hours which is more than sufficient for any camping trip. 

The lamp unit sits on top of the base unit within its own durable clear plastic casing, and offers a powerful light source to suit your family needs (far brighter than other similar products on the market). This is thanks to its use of special NICHIA LEDS which have a higher luminous efficacy (i.e. how well they produce visible light) and give off a bright yet warm and pleasant illumination rated at a massive 400 lumens. 

The lamp has three light options in total which are activated using the large encased on/off button on the front of the base unit; the first option is full light (as above); the second is low light (10%) which is achieved via a built-in dimmer function (by pressing and holding the on/off button); and the third is an SOS flashing option which is ideal for warning or alerting in an emergency.

The Outwell Superior 400LX-R lantern also has a fantastic remote control function whereby it can be operated from a distance (up to around eight metres away) using the accompanying smart and very compact controller (more batteries required!) - note the on/off button on the lantern lights up green to signal it is in remote control mode. The remote controller can be used to activate all three light options as mentioned above, and even has its own built-in torch and flashlight. In addition, the controller comes with a handy clip to enable it to be fastened to clothes or objects for easy access.

Another excellent feature of the Superior 400LX-R is its clever adaptability from a hand-held/free-standing lantern to a practical hanging lamp. This is achieved by simply turning the lantern upside down, removing the plastic lamp casing (to reveal a small bulb-shaped light cover protecting the LEDs), and using the clever little hook fastenings included to support the lamp by its hanging mechanism on the underside of the base to tent poles or other such supports.

As lights go, the Outwell Superior 400LX-R is, in our opinion, simply amazing! It has a superbly well thought-out durable design, with excellent attention to detail and all the modern features you could ask for to make it the practical and convenient lantern of choice for family camping.

BAD POINTS: This is an expensive purchase which requires a lot of batteries to function (none of which are included in the price), however it is great quality for the money. The instructions leaflet is not very comprehensive.

PRICE: £61.99 

Available from Amazon: Superior 400LX-R Camping Lampalt

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