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Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

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PRODUCT: Angelcare Nappy Disposal System ( Nappy Disposal System

DESCRIPTION: A portable white plastic bin designed for the easy disposal of nappies using Angelcare nappy cassettes. Includes main unit with quick removal lid and internal childproof cutter, and comes with one Angelcare cassette. Suitable from birth to 3 years.

GOOD POINTS: A small baby will need a surprisingly large number of nappy changes, and the Angelcare Nappy Disposal system provides the perfect solution to disposing of wet and dirty nappies without having to make endless trips to the dustbin.

ASSEMBLY: The main nappy disposal bin unit comes ready assembled and includes one cassette and instructions on how to fit it. The seal on the cassette simply needs to be peeled back and the nappy film fed over and through the middle of the cassette far enough to allow a knot to be tied in the bottom. The cassette can then be placed in the top of the bin (the lid flips off easily) and the knotted end pushed down through the clamp system into the main unit. The bin is then ready to start using.

The system is white in colour, and is a durable and portable bin unit which can be taken with you Angelcare Refill Cassettesanywhere in the house. The system uses special Angelcare cassettes which sit in the top of the main unit (see assembly notes above) and contain a multi-layer barrier bag which can hold up to 28 used nappies (size 2) in the bin at any one time.

The system is very easy to use one-handed and simply requires the used nappy to be pushed through the clamp system just under the lid. This, along with the 99.9% airtight barrier bag keep the bin virtually odourless. In addition, a single cassette will last approximately 28 days and seal up to 180 nappies, which means that it is more environmentally friendly than other nappy disposal systems as it uses less plastic.

Once the nappy bin is full, the main unit can be unclipped half way down and a clever integrated childproof cutting mechanism used to cut through the nappy bag. Both ends can then be tied up and the used nappies disposed of just like a normal bin liner.

This is a really effective and compact system which provides a convenient and easy way to dispose of nappies without the smell. Particularly suited to flat dwellers who do not have easy access to dustbins.

BAD POINTS: As your child gets bigger and wears larger nappies you may need to change the bin more frequently.

PRICE: Approx. £10 for the bin and one cassette. Angelcare refill cassettes cost approx. £12.99 for 3-pack.


Available from AmazonMothercare, Boots, Toys R Us and Argos


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